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Started to use the deConz app also and still have to figure out a lot. But I now have something I maybe doing wrong, or the app reacts wrong, maybe one can help me out.
I added a couple of Tradfri G10 lm400 bulbs in deConz, all working fine.

I connected them with Homey using the deConz app and I want to use the set state command to do some fancy stuff to a bulb. This set state seems not to do everything right unfortunately.

Having set an absolute brightness, absolute color temp and transition time, I see that when I activate this card, only the color temp and transition time works. The brightness is not doing anything.

Trying to set the brightness for the same bulb using the brightness card itself does work.

So can it be that the set state card does not work 100% correct ?

Same experience here, but if you look a couple of pages further: The list does provide accurate trigger information.

I noticed same behaviour about the sensors. But if you use Homeydash, then the sensors are seen as active and get a yellow color during active time. Using the Homey web app however does not show when a sensor is active.

If you absolutely need the display of the movement, you can integrate the movement detector into a group. You can also do this with a single motion detector. The group’s tile shows the movement.

Given the fact that it used to work as expected (and still does for all previously added sensors), I hope there will be a bug fix soon, maybe by Athom: Alert State not shown on widgets · Issue #189 · athombv/homey-apps-sdk-issues · GitHub! :slight_smile:

Can anyone tell me if this device is compatible with Homey/DeConz?

“Tuya Zigbee Wireless Scene Switch Light Switch 4 Gangs On Off Wall Push Button”

It should be supported by the generic driver. If you wan’t a dedicated driver please create a github issue!

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Short update on the issue where the alert state of motion and door sensors are not shown on the widget: this is indeed a Homey issue and will be fixed by Athom, see Alert State not shown on widgets · Issue #189 · athombv/homey-apps-sdk-issues · GitHub


So, I just received the 4 switch Tuya switch… Sadly Deconz won’t detect it when I try to pair it… But the weirdest problem… the switch turns on EVERY smart plug (innr / Ikea) in the house when I press a button ??? so weird…

Maybe head over to the deconz community? Btw: most likely your device is actually in the network but not fully embedded in the api or phoscon. Also it is possible that the device is in the same zigbee group as your sockets which might explain this behaviour

Yes, it turned out it is detected as a light / dimmer even though it said it did not detect anything (see the thread I linked to). Not sure how to handle this but Robert is helpful over there.