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I have an USB stick Conbee II connect to RPi 4 where running Home Assistant.
I use DeConz app on Homey to communicate whith this Conbee II.

On my workshop, i have an Aqara double relay connected to the Conbee II.
On relay 1 indoor light of my workshop, on relay 2 outdoor light of my workshop.

No flow for relay 1 is create.

For relay 2 i have a flow to on/off the outdoor light of my house (fibaro switch in house). So relay 2 workshop ON/OFF => ON/OFF relay house (and same for relay house ON/OFF => ON/OFF relay 2 workshop)

Since a time, if i turn on the indoor light of my workshop, the outdoor lights (workshop and house) turn on after a few minutes.

I think there is an information saying workshop relay is ON send to Homey without differences if it’s the relay 1 or relay 2 who is ON.

Any idea like what’s happen?

The solution will be to add another Aqara relay to separate the 2 lights but it condemns 2 relays per light.

Sometimes after power-cut, i have the “warning icon” on my device because the IP adress of my USB Stick was change in the app.
I don’t know why but after IP update it, it works.

deCONZ just released their 2.13.1 beta release which supports the Blitzwolf BW-SHP15. One of the (many) improvements of this switch over the version BW-SHP13 should have been updates in power usage are noticed sooner, instead of sending a ‘pull’ it should do a ‘push’.

Unfortunately this is not my experience currently, it has a ~44 sec delay in reporting power changes. This obviously is fine for lot’s of use cases, but also not fine for at least a equal amount of usecases.

@MadMonkey to be clear, I added this device as a generic plug. Having a unique device for this plug would not help this, right?

To answer my own question; no it won’t make any difference since it doesn’t update in the API either…

Exactly, a dedicated driver would not help in that case

I just got my Heiman CO sensor Zigbee. Connected it to Deconz. But it doesn’t show up in the list of new devices in Homey. In Deconz it shows up as

“123”: {
“config”: {
“battery”: null,
“enrolled”: 1,
“on”: true,
“pending”: ,
“reachable”: true
“ep”: 1,
“etag”: “45e24281c95d8ce9edcbe9b47ca3ba24”,
“lastannounced”: null,
“lastseen”: “2021-10-13T12:48Z”,
“manufacturername”: “Heiman”,
“modelid”: “COSensor-EF-3.0”,
“name”: “Koolmonoxide melder schuur”,
“state”: {
“carbonmonoxide”: false,
“lastupdated”: “2021-10-13T12:48:22.064”,
“lowbattery”: false,
“tampered”: false
“swversion”: “2019.9.5”,
“type”: “ZHACarbonMonoxide”,
“uniqueid”: “xx:xx:xxxxx” //removed unique id

Added: saw the modelid missing. Added it to the code (GitHub) and created a PR.

I used this guide to run the deCONZ stick from a Synology NAS.
Works fine!

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I changed the reporting interval for the following configuration parameters:

  • RMS Voltage
  • RMS Current
  • Active Power

I changed this in the GUI of deConz:

Now it reports back in a few seconds. Really happy now!

BTW this is for the BW-SHP15


Maybe this question already passed this thread or others but I can’t find it…

Is the “Silvercrest stekkerdoos” already supported in the deCONZ environment? Hard to find this information. :frowning:

If not, do other Homey user have an alternative? (Robbshop has an equal box (with 4 outletts). Nedis Smarthome too (but WiFi)).

You can change the update frequency on the electrical measurement value from deconz for each plug, works brilliantly and it then updates every second or so! I think they will also support setting a device default in the future.

@MadMonkey Is this be something that could be supported in HomeConz with a device specific driver maybe?

The only issue I have is with one one SHP15 plug I updated the FW of from the Tuya app (not entirely sure it’s releated, but I tested 2 others with the default FW and they both work fine):

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Yes, see two posts above this one :wink::+1:

Sorry, completely overlooked that one! :blush:

What FW/Application version is yours, 67 or 68 (do you have a Tuya Hub?)
My 68 version is causing issues right now.

No problem, I’m using 67 and I don’t own a hub, where are you using it for?

I bought a cheap €15 Tuya hub just to be able to upgrade firmware on devices like the SHP15 (to 1.0.5 = 69 in deconz). :slight_smile:
I just did not expect a FW upgrade to beak the update frequency. I also upgraded a second plug, same issue so it is definitely related to the FW and not the plug itself.

I also noticed an occasional “-” is displayed instead of a numeric value for the Power reading (W), wondering if that could cause any automation issues (if Power < x).

Right, thanks for heads-up, note to self: don’t buy and update :joy::+1::wink:

I use the deCONZ stick with my Synology NAS.
Works fine!
But i like to see the map with zigbee routes.
Is there a way to see that ?

It depends on how you’re running it. For the marthoc/deconz Docker container, look here.

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