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[APP] Desktop Device

Desktop Device

Please note that this app might contain bugs since it’s fairly new and has limited users. Please report any issues you encounter here.

This app provides a way to create connection between your desktop and Homey to do various things. For it to work you need to have both the Homey app and the desktop app installed.



  • input events
  • button events
  • shortcuts events
  • set a display value
  • create a desktop notification
  • open an url in the desktop’s default manner
  • open a path in the desktop’s default manner
  • run a CLI command


There are multiple installer’s available for different operating systems. Visit the releases page to download the latest release. These installers might be marked as not trusted by the OS since I don’t have 500 euro’s lying around to get a certificate. It’s up to you to judge if you trust this software. Since the source is available you can even build it yourself if you want.

Make sure to accept any network permissions required by the desktop app else it won’t be able to do anything.


The desktop app consist of a main window where you can create triggers and an overlay window for displays which you can fill with Flows.


After installing and starting the desktop app you can install the Homey app. Follow the normal add device steps for Homey to add your desktop. If the connection is succesful you should see it in the desktop app at the top right corner.

Now it’s up to you what to do :slight_smile:

Main Window

Overlay Window

Note: the settings button doesn’t do anything yet.


Shutting down my pc with a Windows shortcut with a button next to my bed :slight_smile:

Forwarding Homey notifications

Toggle a light with a shortcut

Future plans

I’m not exactly sure yet where this whole app is going but some ideas I have are:

  • Adding custom tray menu’s to the taskbar to add your own buttons
  • Better display management (organize order/position/styling)

Very nice m8, thnx. Now ur favorite website is just 1 click away!


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You forgot to open it on thursday.

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I did it on mobile app so wasn’t in the log, sorry.