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Add support for dingz in Homey


The dingz Switch is a device that allows you to easily connect the wired devices to the Homey smart home. Depending on the configuration, it includes switches, dimmers, blinds control and a motion (only plus), brightness and temperature sensor.


  • When adding or removing an input, thermostat, light output or blind motor, all devices on the dingz Switch must be removed and reloaded via the Homey dingz app.
  • If you have problems after the upgrade, remove and reload all devices.

Supported Devices

  • dingz Switch FW: > 1.3.25
  • dingz Switch plus FW: > 1.3.25


  1. Install dingz Switch.
  2. Add device to WLAN.
  3. Configure device with the Webinterface.
    • Add buttons name
    • Add device name
    • Add room name
    • Add each dimmers, blinds name
    • Configure all dimmers, blinds and shades
    • Test if device is installed correctly
  4. Add dingz Switch to Homey.


Use at your own risk. I accept no responsibility for any damages caused by using this app.


Copyright 2021, 2021 cFlat-inc.org

Changelog (entire)

Live: v1.1.3

  • power fixed

Test: v1.1.3

For later use…

For later use…