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[APP] DoorBird

Did you do this?

This requires you to re-configure your notifications in the DoorBird smartphone app though. See the support forum for more information.

I deleted the Doorbird and added it again, now it works! Thanks.

Hi, since the update of yesterday 23 feb, 09:26 the relay button on the doorbird App is not working any more… On the homey / doorbird I can view both the live view snap shot and the last door bell snap shot. Is something changed with regards to receiving the relay API call from the doorbird? The flow it self works, the input/ trigger seems not OK.

Please read the changelog of the latest version update: [APP] DoorBird - #237 by Phuturist

Hello Phuturist.

Is there a way to install the v.2.4.5 instead of v3.0.2?
I have a homey on v4, and I cannot upgrade to v5 yet since there still is a problem with Osram zigbee ledspots.
I just ordered a doorbird D1101V and I can’t install the app :confused:

You would need to install it through the command line. If this is easy depends on your technical skills. You can use the guide and link below.

That’s ok, shouldn’t be a problem.