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[APP] DoorBird

Yes, I checked the HTTP calls, and they are not set.
The error is:


Interesting, and you have already succesfully added the DoorBird as device within Homey and are able to see the snapshots in the Homey app? And if so, does the user that you added the DoorBird with has enough rights.

I currently dont have much time to look into it. Maybe if you already checked the thing above the quickest fix now is adding them manually. You should add 3 HTTP calls as shown below where you need to change the Homey IP (yourhomeyip) and the DoorBird MAC address (yourdoorbirdmacaddress) to your own.

Homey Doorbell Trigger: http://yourhomeyip/api/app/com.doorbird/doorbell/yourdoorbirdmacaddress/

Homey Motion Trigger: http://yourhomeyip/api/app/com.doorbird/motionsensor/yourdoorbirdmacaddress/

Homey Relay Trigger: http://yourhomeyip/api/app/com.doorbird/relays/yourdoorbirdmacaddress/

Then configure the schedule as described in the app description.

I have the same problem as @Olek “Error”!
I entered the HTTP: // commands by hand and set everything in the DoorBird app. But nothing works. The Doorbird is connected and also shows the snapshot.
Maybe someone can help?


Well, I tried adding the HTTP calls manually, inserting my homey IP address, as well as my doorbird MAC address. Then adjusted the schedule settings to be always active.
But, when I trigger the relay in the doorbird app, Homey seems to be unaware of it. I tried at test flow activated with the “Doorbird door opened” card, but the flow won’t run.

I’m on the latest versions of everything…

You must not have already included Doorbird as a Camera.
The control of the relays is:
http: //yourhomeyip/api/app/com.doorbird/dooropen/yourdoorbirdmacaddress/
This is how it works for me now without problems.

Did you include ‘:80’ (for the port) at the end of ‘yourhomeyip’?

I see you specify the HTTP address differently than Phuturist, using dooropen rather than relays.

I’ll give the various options a try.

By the way, I did not add my DoorBird as a camera.


You need to first add the DoorBird as a device in Homey using the DoorBird app. I assume you have already done this. If adding the notification urls does not work after having added the DoorBird device you can set them manually within the DoorBird smartphone app. Concerning the relay notification URL. Using the relays notification URL allows you to add the relay ID at the end of the URL so you can trigger a specfic relay. Using the dooropen notification URL will always trigger the default DoorBird relay.

Homey Doorbell Trigger : http://yourhomeyip/api/app/com.doorbird/doorbell/yourdoorbirdmacaddress/

Homey Motion Trigger : http://yourhomeyip/api/app/com.doorbird/motionsensor/yourdoorbirdmacaddress/

Homey Relay Trigger : http://yourhomeyip/api/app/com.doorbird/relays/yourdoorbirdmacaddress/relayid or http://yourhomeyip/api/app/com.doorbird/dooropen/yourdoorbirdmacaddress/

I still have a problem. The HTTP: // commands only go when the Doorbird device is open in the app. If the device is closed, it will not work. So the app has to be opened and the device Doorbird has to be opened. When the picture of the camera is there, everything works. When the device is closed it will not work anymore.

Hi all,

I`m using the following hardware:
Doorbird DS202 firmware 000119 Datasheet PoE enabled
Homey Pro firmware 2.3.0

I also experience some problems. At first I couldnt register the doorbird itself using a newly created doorbird user with the required api permissions (all permissions checked). The homey doorbird app kept telling me there was an unknown error while trying to connect (and hinting: are you sure the device is on the same network as the Homey?). I did reboot the Homey and Doorbird to no avail. Next day I couldnt give up and suddenly the connection was successfull (after creating and removing about 5 doorbird api users trying to use them one by one?).

Now that the Doorbird device is finally added to the Homey app registering the http calls using the green button also fails. It just says “Error”. So I have added the mentioned http calls manually (as mentioned by Phuturist), assigned the schedule in the native Doorbird app but not a single event seems to arrive at Homey (native Doorbird app still works as expected).

Regarding the http call urls formatting, I did assume the mac address should be supplied without colons right? So it should be formatted like AABBCC instead of AA:BB:CC correct? I`m using capital letters should this matter?

I got the triggers (http calls) working now. Using uppercase letters, MAC address without colons.

This tricked me: I was using the mac address of the doorbird uni as it appeared on my LAN, but you need the explicit “Wifi MAC address” mentioned in you “doorbird passport” (which is totally different compared to the actual LAN MAC address of the unit)!

Hope this helps someone!

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v2.3.2 - 2019-07-12

  • NEW: add default relay as button capability so it shows up as button in the mobile app under the device (requires repairing)

I got the same problem. Testing the flow works out fine and when the Doorbird device is open, the HTTP calls come thru, but as soon as the app is closed the flow is not triggered anymore. Verified setup multiple times and everything is configured as described.

We got the same issue when we are setting up in another place.

So we went back to our office (which has a working Doorbird + Homey) to try. Remove doorbird from Homey (we backup the HTTP strings in the doorbird app before deleting) and added the doorbird to homey from scratch. Same thing happened, Set DoodBird Notification HTTP URLs reported error but we can see camera snapshot. The same user with API operator didn’t work!

So we added back the HTTP strings we copied earlier but it doesn’t work anymore! Stumped!!

To all that are experiencing issues with the notifications. I will be on holiday the upcoming three weeks but after that I’ll look into it. As @Automate_Asia mentions it seems to only happen on newly added DoorBirds even though my code has not changed. So it seems something has changed in the way the DoorBird is handling these HTTP calls. It might be tricky to solve and maybe even out of my hands and for DoorBird company to fix. If anyone has any more relevant information please post it here.

There is a new doorbell models (D21x) with rf-id. Is it possible to add it to the app?
It would be perfect to use rf-id to open my lock.

Perhaps when the API documentation has been updated. I assume it will pretty much work the same as the already implemented relay functionality. But cant tell for sure without any documentation.

Hi guys,

I’m looking to purchase a combination of a homey controller, a doorbird d101s and a danalock v3. I was wondering if you can also get the video feed from the doorbird in the homey app? Or only a snapshot?

Thanks, Alex

Homey does not support video feeds (yet). So it’s only snapshots at the moment.

I use a Synology NAS to store continues video and do fine graded motion detection on the stream, more fine graded than the Doorbird does.

The detected motion from Synology is sended to Homey for further actions (sound doorbel,…)