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[APP] DoorBird

I do not know what you’re talking about in regard to HTTP calls. Link to instructions?


There is no schedule option. I am using the relay controller as I wrote earlier. For the built in relays which I’m not using there isn’t an HTTP call option under schedule. See screenshots attached.

There does not seem to be any api documentation for the door controller so there is no way for me to build support for it.

Hi, I have a Doorbird D101 connected to my Homey. I only have trouble creating a good flow for it to work.

I like to show me a picture of the the camera on doorbell pressed.

So I made a card triggered on button-pressed with action to send the related snapshot to my mobile. All good one would say. Only thing is the flow is triggered on every motion detected.

On the device info tab I see messages about generic alarms go on and off.

Running Homey firmware 3.0.0 and app version 2.4.3.

Any suggestions on getting this to work?

You have misconfigured the notifications HTTP call in the DoorBird app. Please review the installation steps one by one (they are in the app store description) and make sure you set the motion trigger HTTP call in the motion schedule and the doorbell trigger HTTP call in the doorbell schedule.

Confirmed. Schedule was setup wrong. All working fine now. Thanks!

I’m trying to use my doorbird d2103 with homey but I can’t install it, my device is detected with a wrong ip address (169.254.x.x)
Any idea about this bug?

Thanks for tour help!

Homey just tries to discover any DoorBird within the same network and takes the ip from the discovered result. You should check how your DoorBird send a discovery result. On macOS, you can use Discovery and Bonjour browser for Windows. Post it here if you have a result.

Thanks for the feedback!

I’ve just checked with discovery, and the doorbird shows up with its real ip (192.168.x.x).

Weird. Have you tried pairing the DoorBird more than once and you always get this error?

yes, always with the same error message and IP.
I’ve also tried a reboot of the doorbird. Any logs I can try to look at ?

I could create a debug version that will spit out extra logging about the discovery message how Homey receives it. The code just uses the IP which is returned by the default discovery mechanism of Homey. Do you know how to run an app from the command line using homey app run?

I have deleted and reinstall the app, it works!

It was a basic troubleshooting I should have tried first. I am new to Homey, I will have a look at all the possibilities. Anyway, thanks for the app!

I am considering the D101S to replace my Ring doorbell as the API seems good and hopefully means this app has some legs.
What is the response time like on this between someone pushing the button and getting to view them on the phone?
The 720p seems low but in reality is it good enough?

Thanks for any advice.

Response time seems to differ based on fluctuating cloud performance. It’s not bad, but also not good. I have better experience with avoiding the cloud all together. I have Homey send me a message when the bell is rang (and use Tasker on my phone to open the DoorBird app).

The 720p is indeed low, it will be noticably less quality compared to your Ring.

But all in all I’m very happy with my DoorBird and seeing all the hassle around Ring I’m glad I choose DoorBird.


Like phuturist said, I’m also quite happy with doorbird. Video quality is good enough while between doorbell and mobile notification is few sec in my case. I also have chromecast that immediately shows video stream on TV so I don’t need to search my phone around the apartment.

Price is a bit higher but they do not count on monthly revenues like ring is so…

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I am also very happy with it. Resolution of 720 is good enough.

  • Can use http posts to homey for actions on anything
  • Use surveillance station from Synology for motion detection and longer history, takes snapshots, capture movies and send snapshot by e-mail.
  • Possible to use videostream directly on an webinterface
  • If doorbell is rang, then Doorbird sends an udp broadcast, this can be captured with Node-red (if on same segment) for actions. (The Doorbird Chime uses this).
  • You can setup a SIP call to a phone number to let it ring and …
  • I use the PoE and fixed ethernet connection, never to charge a battery, was lucky I could replace the cable.
  • No need for subscriptions

Does app support DoorBird IP doorbell A1061W?