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[APP] DoorBird

No it is not supported by the Homey App.

But I don’t miss that. I do own the chime and it is connected and is our main chime. Setting up once using the Phone Doorbird app and forget it. You can use a schedule in doorbird that it only sounds between 7-23 and not outside these hours for example.

I do use the Homey Doorbird App to sound other (Neo Coolcam Sirene) chimes in the house. The have a dual function with us, Alarm sirene and chime, settable using the Homey.

This device does not have an API to talk to. So there is no way to support it.

For anyone who is interested. I can confirm this app works also with the latest Doorbird D1101V. :+1: Found no problems so far.

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You are satisfied with thé Vidéo quality of the d1101v? I was a little disappointed with the d101s.

Hi, do I understand it right this app supports all DB models? I mean at least for button and picture actions? Many thanks

Probably yes, the DoorBird API is pretty generic and the Homey integration should therefore work with all devices. Haven’t tested it though so I can’t give guarantees.

Quality of the D1101V video is quite fine (FullHD). Only with high contrast and much backlight the people that ring the doorbell might look a bit dark. And you can’t really adjust the brightness to compensate.

@elfrigo great to hear you’re happy with the D1101V. By any chance are you able to post any examples of the picture quality? When I looked on another forum, the user posted example picture of the D1101V was very pixelated, and they used PoE for direct connection.

I’m hoping to invest in the Doorbird, but just want to make sure the picture is good enough, bearing in mind one of the reasons we are moving away from our existing system is due to picture quality being very poor.