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[App] Elgato StreamDeck Integration

Experiencing a weird problem after the 5.0 update. The streamdeck/homey integration is still working (sort of), but the display data has disappeared on the stream deck side. Furthermore status is not reported back to the streamdeck correctly. A hue lamp might be off but the stream deck still displays it as on (i do the switching of hue on my streamdeck via homey, not the direct hue integration in stream deck).

Please advice.

Yeah, so am not crazy :crazy_face:
I can see the same problem with my LIFX devices at times since the v5 release.
It seems like something with Athom’s event system got unstable, but I cannot really put my fingers on the root cause. Did you check whether the devices are also showing the wrong state in the Homey WebApp? It basically is the same tech underneath.

This is a strange one. That should not happen. But what do you mean by disappeared? The button is still defined but shows no data anymore? Or did the whole button disappear from the SD?
In the first case, can you check on the buttons settings? Maybe the app/device the setting is coming from had their capability renamed or changed? That could be a reason for the data not showing anymore.

UPDATE: I can see the issue myself too. I will look deeper into it asap

I didnt check the WebApp. Will do when i notice this next time.

Or did the whole button disappear from the SD? ← this
I have no option anymore to drag a display value to the stream deck button to display temperature of one of my thermostats for example.

Okay. That is really strange. Maybe the last update of the plugin did not install correctly. You could try reinstalling it from the Stream Deck Plugin Store. I did not remove anything there.
I had one or two users in the past where the automatic update of the plugin did not work properly and left the plugin in some faulty state.