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[APP] Eufy Home

Eufy Home - Live Well. Live Smart.

Adds support for Eufy Robovac

This is not the topic for Eufy Security devices.
The topic for Eufy Security you can find here: Eufy Security

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  • Install this app on your Homey.
  • Go to new devices - Fill in deviceId - LocalKey - Internal IP of Robovac (How-to find deviceId/LocalKey)
  • Acces token will be fetched.
  • Check statuses or create flows.

Current features:

  • Switch on / off. When off, it will returning to charging dock automatically.
  • Display battery level, and notify on low battery.
  • Display battery charging state.
  • Display information
  • Retrieve information from you Eufy Robovac.
  • Get notification when a value has changed.
  • Flows

Supported Languages:

  • :uk: English
  • :netherlands: Dutch

If you appreciate this app, contribute to future development by making a paypal contribution
or buy me a coffee on Ko-Fi

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What’s new in v1.1.4
Eufy Home Release



Live version and Test version

Live: 1.1.4

  • Eufy Home Release

Test: -

  • No test version yet. In review by Athom

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to find deviceId/Local key
A1: Use this app/apk on Android device or emulators and localKey/devID will be available in vacuum settings Dropbox - EufyHome_2.4.0_vevs.apk.zip - Simplify your life
A2: Or follow these steps:

  1. Close the app on your mobile device
  2. Connect the device to your laptop and enable USB debugging
  3. Run adb logcat -e ‘tuya.m.my.group.device.list’ (assumes you have already installed the Android debug tools)
  4. Launch the Eufy Home app
  5. The output lines contain JSON, you’re looking for the values of localKey (16 character hex string) and devId (20 character hex string).
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I would like to thank Martijn for his amazing work and support! It is beyond the expections that he developed the support for the EUFY vacuum cleaner based on just a simple question/suggestion. :partying_face: I had the chance to assist him from an other country and he managed to create it and also solve every issue in this way as well.

If you have the chance I think this type of attitude worth every penny and you can easily support Martijn via PayPal. Instead of your daily coffee buy one for Martijn, I’m sure it means a lot. :coffee:

Hopefully in the near future he will have tons of patrons so that we could have many more exciting updates and product developements. :rocket:


Wow @Szergely thank you for your kind words and the donation! :smiley:
Also thanks for your help, without the VPN and open IP I couldn’t do this!

New app update (live: 1.1.4 ):

  • Eufy Home Release
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