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[APP] Eufy Security

Chromecast is not possible. Because RTSP is not supported by Google.
In this case you could maybe do something with Tasker.

For example Android TV:

  • Trigger webhook
  • when webhook received start VLC
  • run VLC with RTSP.

I tried this with Automate but didn’t work. Maybe tasker does work

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Yeah sorry, should have said you need to convert the RTSP first, but there are multiple ways of doing that, github also has multiple projects for it for example. What I use is a bit different, i have a CCTV recorder with the RTSP url that is being recorded (on motion), but since the stream disconnects after 5 minutes it currently can’t record continious. So on movement i use the "stream card) which triggers the EUFY servers to start the stream, and i already record that stream, so i can record it now (with a delay).

Main thing here is that for this to work you need to remove the timestamp and token from the RTSP stream that you are recording, but it needs those 2 for creating the stream, so the “stream card” makes the EUFY servers create the stream, and then you can record/watch it without the date/token (they change every time).

And yeah, it’s a very nasty workaround…but it works :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi all,

I recently purchased the Eufy security set to integrate in my Homey setup and currently playing around with the possibities to create flows.

One of the things i’m wondering about is whether it is possible to have Heimdall and Eufy Security talk to each other? Or more so to have Heimdall give feedback to Eufy Security

From Eufy to Heimdall is partially possible due to the intregration of the Eufy contact and motion sensors into Heimdall.

However I have also other Zigbee contact sensors in my house that I use for flows and Heimdall. That I now also would like to use in order to trigger the Eufy alarm.

Is it possible to trigger the Eufy alarm when Heimdall enters the alarm state?


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Hey @Z_B

From Eufy to Heimdall is also possible with the camera’s all cameras do have a alarm_motion. So you can use them to too.

The alarm of the Homebase i’m working on. Probably it gets integrated when I release the new version of the app which use a different library.


Thanks for the swift reply @martijnpoppen

Looking forward to your next release! :slight_smile:

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For now eveything is working like a charm with all the options that are available and are in use in my flows. I have two questions or requests.

  1. Will it be possible to have other (door) sensors than the Eufy sensors working with the homebase alarm?
    For example, if I have a Aqara door sensor and I want it to trigger the alarm with the homebase. Will this be possible? For now I think not for as far as i have seen. I can only get it to work with Eufy and let my Google Home make the alarm noise.

  2. Will it be possible to restart the Homebase with a flow at a certain time?


Edit, I see now that my question is simular tot the question above mine.

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As you said in your edit :stuck_out_tongue:

About point 2: This will be possible. I’ll add this next to the request of the alarm :wink:


Great job!


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More people with problem. Homey can’t change eufy. Restart homey-app-eufy not working.

Hey @Richard_Bos ,
Can you send an diagnostic report?

More → Apps → Eufy Security → Settings wheel right top → send diagnostic report

Yes:-) 1423aa1b-698c-4d6f-8347-d5f9f0e6d1d7

Thanks @Richard_Bos ,
Don’t see anything weird.
What is the issue your having?

homey can no longer change the status (home-away)

Sent you an DM :wink:


Seems something was broken following the latest update to the Camera Base from Eufy? App no longer switches security mode.

I can confirm this is the case.
I have multiple people where this doesn’t work anymore.

Investigating the issue.

Will report back when I found a fix

@Henrik_Soegaard can you share the firmware version of your Homebase?



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Alright found the issue.

The type of commands has changed. Eufy uses the same way of communication for the Homebase as they do for the qucikResponses for the wired doorbell.

Moving to the new library will fix this issue.

I’m working on it and i’ll try to create a release ASAP. :slight_smile:

New app update (test: 2.3.12 ):

  • FIX: fix Homebase securitymode not changing after firmware ( update.

CC: @pahen @Richard_Bos @Henrik_Soegaard @RobbertV