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[APP] Eufy Security

Are the outdoor ones also not capable to connect to homebase?I think i saw a packagedeal on amazon yesterday with a homebase and outdoor cams (or are those an old model?)

If you are looking for eufy stuff, some of it is currently on sale on Amazon spain (and you can ship it to the Netherlands). For some you need to click on the discount coupon in the product page.


@Chris_nl The new wired outdoor cams work the same as the indoor cams.
So internal SD and RTSP

Eufy also anounced solo cams. These Will be standalone too.

Ah okay, didn’t know, doesn’t really make sense to use an SD in an outdoor cam in my opinion :frowning:

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Hi all,

I have installed the Eufy Security app from @martijnpoppen on my Homey. Already setup some flows, and it works great! Thanks Martijn!

There is one thing I cannot figure out: In the native Eufy app, you can setup different modes, such as “Home” , “Geofencing”, "Schedule ". In the Eufy app, you can change these modes manually. I am looking for a way to trigger mode changes based on a trigger from my Homey (e.g. time or a trigger from another app). I can’t figure out if that’s possible.

So in short: Can I change a Eufy mode based on a trigger in Homey?

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@hencohendriksen you can do that via the Homebase. There’s An card for that ‘change guard mode’

@moderators can this moved to [APP] Eufy Security

Awesome! I forgot to add the homebase to the homey. Silly me.

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Would it be possible for you to make a action flowcard (Doorbell press)?
I would like to be able to use other buttons to activate the Doorbell

Hey @Kongedam ,
Hmm I think it would be possible. Will investigate!

Hello, I’ve just noticed that changing security modes on the Homebase from Homey app doesn’t work - I get ‘Network request failed’. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just on my side?

Hey @Mimomaj
Check the FAQ Q4

That should fix it

Of course. I was messing around with my router and I forgot about this. Thx @martijnpoppen !

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Hello great Martijn
I got everything working fine except that the image on the camera is not showing on homey.

my devices

  • Homebase 2 firmware v2.1.6.9h
  • Eufycam 2 v2.7.4

Hey @mattrix
Please check the FAQ Q3.

That Will probably clear things up :smiley:

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Hi Chris,
I have never been able to use the rtsp link to work in vlc which is not bad since i understand rtsp cannot stream to chromecast which is my aim.

Would you be kind to take sometime to explain more about how you did to stream the camera feed to a chromecast from homey ?

Edit : I can see that when i say Ok Google, show camera feed to TV i can see the camera feed on my tv.

Has anyone here the knowledge to get this voice command to work from a flow in homey ?

Hey @mattrix
No unfortunately we cannot control Google home from Homey. That would be Ideal :stuck_out_tongue:

What @Chris_nl did: setup IoBroker and install the Eufy Security adapter in there.
That adapter translates the local stream to a M3U8. Which we cant do in Homey :frowning:

I think Chris Will explain you more :wink:

Thanks for your answer i ll dig into that and also in the Tasker option that you mentioned

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