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[App] Eurotronic Technology App (Stable: v2.2.0, Test v2.3.4)

Target temperature will always show the comfort temperature, this is by design, as it is too unreliable to change the target temperature according the mode state inside Homey, causing weird behaviour.

Would it be possible to be able to configure 1 decimal for temperature reporting?


Is " Eurotronic 700087 temperatur-fukt-sensor Plus’ supported.

I am not able to pair it with my Homey.

Yes, try this beta App:

Thanks. I will try.

J’utilisais cette app Eurotronic sur ma Homey malheureusement tombée en panne.
J’ai acquis la homey Bridge, mais il semble que l’app ne soit pas compatible… Mes vannes thermostatiques ne fonctionnent donc pas, et le froid arrive… Envisagez-vous de développer l’app pour Bridge, dans quel délai ?

@Morange My French is not very good, but I suppose the answer is:
try the test version of the eurotronics app Eurotronic Technology | Homey
The test version is compatible with homey bridge.

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As my French is also non existent I’m going to assume torche1969 answer is correct, the test version is available for Homey (bridge).

We (I) have been waiting for Athom to accept it into the (stable) app store for several weeks now, as they wanted to test most devices themselves, what they were waiting on to receive. (To receive the devices)

@Torch1969 @Caseda Thank you for your messages; I installed the uncertified app; I will be able to test …