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[App] Fibaro by Athom

No, I don’t have separate LED light, it’s just 1 white LED strip. I can toggle it on/off, control brightness etc. I just need to figure out how to make it White only and not RGBW. In controls I get RGB wheel and White balance wheel. If I touch any color or white temperature, strips shuts off because it only has 1 color.

Did you changed parameter 150 to 1?

I’m not such an advanced user. I know about these parameters, but never really used them, only did on my roller shutters I think. What is this parameter for?
On manual it says HSB mode, but I’m not sure what it is. Besides, there is a setting that I show on my screenshot that should do what I’m trying to achieve in theory?

Create a virtual device and assign the correspondent channel to the VD. Now you have a Device that do exactly what you want.

All I want that light to do is to be able to turn it on and off and dim it. Will I still ne able to do so? I use a wireless Fibaro button to control it as well. Could you be more specific on how to assign a channel or point me to where I can read about it? Thank you.

I think the actual device will still be synced with Google Home and voice command would still change light color though.

I don’t own a Homey anymore. It’s difficult to do it out of the head, sorry.

Delete it or move it to another room?

I don’t think I can delete it, but if I move it to a different room it would still react to a command like “make all light blue” :frowning:

Who has the trousers on at your home? Is Homey saying you which devices will be synced with google? :rofl::rofl:

So after complaining to Athom re. broken RGBW Controller 2 since 3.0.7 for a couple of months (4 months?) I gave up and changed all my controllers to old RGBW Controllers version. Now getting weird errors occasionally, but at least it works :slight_smile:

I can choose what to sync? I had no idea. How do I do that?

Parameter 150 is used to switch between RGBW and HSB/White mode.

HSB means:
– H = Hue
– S = Saturation
– B = Brightness

But you have connected a white LED strip, so HSB does not matter, you should change the parameter to 1 and check how the LED strip then behaves.
Because I don’t have a Fibaro RGBW Controller 2 in use, it’s a guess, but it makes sense.