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[APP] FlowComments - Simple cards to add comments to flows (v1.0.1)

Thanks to @MaxvandeLaar the app is now available in the community app store.
(Not in the Athom App store yet…)


I have installed the app, seems to work fine for now. Thanks for this very welcome addition.
In case any issues arise I will report it here.

Installed and will give it a go. Thanks!

Am using it in 3 different flows and have not run into any issue yet.

Still using it without issues.
Just wondering though whether it would be possible to remove fields from the flowcards that are not relevant. See pictures for example:

That annoyes me too :slight_smile:
Its part of the pre-defined flowcard provided by athom.
I did not find any reference in the documentation on this.

Good to hear!
The 1st version is rejected by athom.
Need to fix a few minor things to get it approved.
(Need to change the name to a shorten name, remove the languages made with google translate. They only want proper translations…)

Yehoo, the FlowComments app is now also live in the athom appstore.
Athom did ask me to make the name even shorter so now its called “Flowcomments” instead of “Comment for flow”
Thanks to Dirk (@fantross ) for the German translations


Never expected so many users would install my app.
Getting close to 200 :grinning: