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Would definitely donate to get it done :blush:

Separate for the voltage makes sense since it’s more of a constant/error warning and their averages doesn’t really say much. One might show a bad value but have the sum be OK.

I use this card to get an overview of all meters together. Voltage is not that important though, you can remove it altogether without loosing relevant info. But since it’s there, it would be nice.

Hi all,

Today I’m making some alarm groups and notice there is no way to group “water alarm” sensors.
Checked both the Alarm and Sensor categories, but unable to find it.

Anyone able to point out whether I might be missing something obvious?


I see, Rick.
Does selecting “Alarm” > “Common Alarm” list your flood sensors for selection?
(I haven’t any flood sensors, so it’s a guess)

I can group my two flood sensors.

Select Alarm:

Then Water Alarm:

I can now group my water alarm sensors:

If it’s just reacting to any water alarm that you need, then you do not need the group. If you create a trigger for a zone, you can select your entire home as the zone, and then you see an action card “an alarm went off”. There you can pick the water alarm. It will then trigger on all water sensors you have in your home.

I figured out the issue!
It appears to be a problem with the Dutch translation.
Noticed that there were two “Hittealarm” categories.
The second one actually lists the Water alarm sensors

@Edwin_D You’re correct. However, I want to integrate it with Node-Red for a dashboard, hence the need of an actual device that I can poll over MQTT.

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Hi @Jamie

Is it possible to add an option to remove group device power measurement from the house total power?

My usecase is that I group the shelly 3EM L1-L2-L3 measurement devices into total sum value with group device. But this shows the power in the total power sum in the energy tap.

Hi all,
I’m new to using . Very happy with the app thus far, as it will make my flows a lot less cluttered. However, I have a particular request…

I have a flow where I have a certain amount of lights (4 currently) switch to random colours every X seconds. The thing here is that each of them has its own separate random colour, rather than all the same colour.
With the current app I can find a flow tab to switch all lights to the same randomly decided colour, but would it be possible somehow to make a setting so they actually switch to their own separate random colour? (By chance of course some would be identically coloured from time to time, which is okay, but it gives cool effects if they don’t have the same colour all the time)

Anyway, just asking if I could easily obtain something like that with the groups app. If not I simply stick to my current flow, but that one is a bit more of a hassle if I later on need to replace a lamp :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

What comes to mind spontaneously. You could have the one main lamp change colors at random. The 3 other lamps should then follow the color of the main lamp. If you need different colors at other times, then have the flow deactivated.

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Yes, but this flow will set all lights to the same colour (randomly chosen for the first light, and then adjusted for the other). This one could also easily do by simply setting the group containing the lights to a random colour.

However, what I’m looking for is to set each light to a different random colour within the group (i.e. a group with 4 lights, where light1 gets random colour1, light2 random2, light3 random3 and light4 random4).
Currently I have a flow that works (setting each light separately to a random colour), but I was wondering if there was a way to do this more straightforward in .

Since you basically want to control each light separately with random colors, this only works if you send the command individually for each lamp. As I understood you, you already do.

That’s not possible afaik.
And… the point of a group is the opposite: one can send 1 command to all grouped devices at once.
It becomes one device to the flow editor.

If you want the grouped devices to receive individual unique commands, the only way to go is sending a unique command to every light. The group part is irrelevant.
Like you already created:

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I just came to realize, I think you want to be able to set a scene for a bunch of selected lights.
Like, we have a scene-group called “gardenlights”.

THEN gardenlights scene-group, run scene “party”

This is kinda similar to how it can be achieved in the Hue app (with the bridge).
I haven’t seen a Homey app with similar featutes and possibilities yet.


I create my own Homey “scenes”, then all of my ‘triggers’ simply ‘start’ the scene flow. (ignore the naming convention that just how I manage my flows as I have so many). Give me good reusability - DRY.

The trigger for that scene is a bit convoluted based of an action as well as a count down :

Personally I would do something like that - a single flow for you ‘randomness’ - then call that flow where ever you like, you could even hook it up to a virtual button - on click run the random color flow.

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