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Well, it didn’t activate last night, which was probably good as all my lights would probably have come on :slight_smile:

OK. Clear.
Btw, by alarm I meant a sensor reporting a motion or an open contact.
Restarting the group app results in fake motion or open contact signals.
Which ofcourse could trigger your alarm system😝

What about having home restart at midnight?

The timing is suspicious, 12:04 every day. There are no schedules or reoccur items in the groups code, but we have seen a restart messing with the start up state ….

I think you are right, I just did a check around my flows and it seems I have scheduled (forgotten) a restart on Wednesdays and Fridays. I will simulate that restart and see if that triggers anything. But it makes sense (it takes about 4 minutes to boot a Homey). Can we have the group app ignore this “false” alarm at start-up?

I just changed the flows and tested while re-starting Homey, and indeed I got an alarm. I will try now using the IF card Home - An alarm turned on - type Smoke alarm. That would be a work-around for the group app with smoke sensors. But then I need to remove any smoke sensor group on forehand, otherwise that would trigger that card as well :slight_smile:

Just FYI, you can let Homey notify you if it has restarted (or started b/c of a power outage).

Hi, i made a group, but put the wrong blinds in it, i adjusted it via settings, but when i loon in the device-settings its still wrong, however in the groupsettings from homeymenu its right. Cant check if works correctly, not at home atm.

I discoverd the same issue. it works as expected, but is a bit confusing.
An app restart should solve it.

Thanks for the tips peter

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If I group energy meters, the Amps show the wrong value.
Is it just me?

If power = current * voltage
Then power / voltage = current
355W / 235V = 1.51A
But, the power could be off, and the current correct.
What values do your energy meters report individually?

I am re-organizing my Homey and I am using this app for more groups. A few things that I encounter:

  • when selecting remote control, the next screen is empty and I cannot create it.
  • more devices would be nice, watercooker is oddly specific, but others are missing. I was selecting “remote” for our bed, but that didn’t work. There is no other item that fits.

The device types available in the group app are based off the device types available in homey.

I agree they can be a little odd at times but I suspect they have done it the way they have to only diverge when required and minimise tech debt

The power and the voltage is correct, the current is incorrect.

All values are correct for the induvidual sensors measured. 3 of them are grouped together.

Would be nice with an ”energy preset” too :blush:

That’s odd.
I’m asking myself, for comparison:
if you create similar groups, and then

  • one for sensor 1 + 2
  • one for sensor 1 + 3
  • one for sensor 2 + 3
    This way you can discover which sensor pair(s) in a group report the wrong current value.
    If all 3 groups report the wrong current value then it must be some kind of little group app bug maybe?
    Unfortunately I can’t reproduce it, while I have no device with Voltage, Power and Current sensors.

1+2 = showing half of actual value.
2+3 = showing half of actual value.
1+3 = showing half of actual value.

1+2+3 = 1/3 of actual.

I haven’t got a similar group to check, but if you go to the app configuration, for sensor values you can usually select the method of value calculation. Seems like it’s average now, should be sum. Maybe the setting is there?

Always assumed these settings were to be looked for in the device config, but this is less powerfull. So that is why these kinds of settings are probably in the app settings. Harder to find though.

Sorry, @niXta - replied to wrong author.

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Didn’t knw that existed :see_no_evil:

But I can’t choose “sum”?

Also, “show all values separately” would have been nice as an option :blush:

If you ask nicely :wink: and donate some :coffee:
Maybe Jamie sees a possibility to add “sum of all devices” option for the “Current” sensor at a next release.

And why do you like to see the individual values of the grouped sensors also?
You can view those in their tiles alr.

Hi Jamie, I just sent a crash report.
The group app gets paused every once in a while since a few days. This did not occur before.
FW v7.1.1
Group app v2.4.304

No hurries.

Would definitely donate to get it done :blush:

Separate for the voltage makes sense since it’s more of a constant/error warning and their averages doesn’t really say much. One might show a bad value but have the sum be OK.

I use this card to get an overview of all meters together. Voltage is not that important though, you can remove it altogether without loosing relevant info. But since it’s there, it would be nice.