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[APP] HDL Smartbus

The HDL App adds support for your HDL equipment to Homey. The vision is to replace the need for a logic controller on your HDL bus with Homey.

Support for new devices

If you need support for a device, please supply the full model number and a small description of the device. Be aware that as I don’t have all the different models myself, your involvement as tester will be required. If you can contribute with code, please do so at the Github Repo as a Pull Request.

Suggestions are also welcome :wink:

About multisensors

As the multisensors from HDL does not publish any motion status on its own, you have to create this yourself. You do this by adding a piece of logic to the sensor. When motion is detected, you let a universal switch number be true and then false when you want to turn the motion status to off. The default universal switch number is 212, but you can change this in the apps settings. Do this on every sensor, and then this app will see who the sender of the switch is and then activate/deactivate that sensor.

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Thank you very much for this app! It works very nice now, the respons is impressive both controlling and feedback. This adds 1000 dimmensjons to mye HDL Buspro system! I would love a way for buttons to control flows :slight_smile: I have solved this for now, i assign a HDL panel to a unused relay or dimmer channel. Then i add a flow triggered by this channel turns on/off. I now control Sonos and Xiaomi roborock S5 from a DLP panel, very nice!!

Thank you very much Eivind - it is really nice to get that kind of feedback. If I could trouble you to create a feedback in the App Store as well, that would be good for the apps reputation for new users.

There is a test version out now that adds universal switches. In my setup, I let a DLP switch on a Universal Switch, and then Homey can catch that and execute a flow. You’ll find the test app at https://homey.app/a/com.github.alydersen.hdl-smartbus-homey/test.

Hei Andreas

Trying to add Dimmer, multi-sensors,relay and temperature sensors, in the Homey app, with out any luck.
I manage to add Universal Switch and more than 250 comes up, with ID 1.01 up to 1.252. I cant find any system in the switches, of what they are activating, and when I try to add relay, dimmers, ++ the app cant find them. My IP address of the IP module has to be correct since I’m finding the Universal switches, sub-net is 1 this app in HDL sub-net is sett to 220, and I try different switch numbers with out luck. Can you help me to find out what im doing wrong ? Regards J.Aa. Dambo

Hi Jan Aage! Could it be that you first installed this app a couple of weeks ago? I’ve been getting a couple of developer notifications on crashed apps that seems to be because there is a conflict between this app and some other app using the same port.
What you are describing would happen when there is no connection between Homey and the HDL network. The universal switches does not require any contact between the two, but the rest of the dimmers, relays and such does. It basically connects to the IP and starts listening for devices, adding them to a list that you can retrieve. Can you access HDL from a PC on your network? If you haven’t tried that, that would probably be the place to start. A ping to the address would also tell you a lot. I didn’t quite get what you ment with the subnet - is it 1 or 220? It needs to be the same in the app and on your HDL devices.