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[APP] HDL Smartbus

hi Andreas, my dimmer/ballast controller works 100% Thanks.
A more serious problem is that my wife is not on speaking terms with our Google Assistant, I do not quite understand, possibly the fact that I chose a sexy female voice, and the fact that in these Covid times I actually spend more time speaking with the assistant than her :wink:

There are probably others in my situation who want to be able to turn off the light with the good “old” DLP switch, instead of shouting and arguing with Google.

Is there any possibility for you to implement the DLP switch? (I’ve seen it been done in another APP)
One of the problems with DLP is that the status light on the switch does not change when you change the status of a relay, dimmer nor does it when you run “Flows” from Homey. It only changes status when you use another DLP

Tor Oskar

I would be nice to implement panels as HDL Devices directly, but for now it works ok with HDL Universal Switch.

On Homey side:
Add HDL Universal Switch (Any number lets say 1 for this)
Make flow:
When HDL Universal Switch (1.1) Turned ON
Then Light Toggel on or off

On HDL Side:
Make the button, for example Momentary (240 Is my Homey HDL Device ID)
1 1 240 Universal Switch 1(Switch no.) ON(Switch Status) N/A N/A

When you press any HDL button, it will turn on HDL Universal Switch, when you release it will turn off again. When you press again it will trigger.

This is the quickest way.

When you can start with scenes, relative dim, multiple buttons, long press double click ++

Hi Eivind
Thanks for reply. I do not quite understand what it is that I do when I use UVsws, it works fine when I test the “Flow”, seldom rarely does it work from Google Assistant, and the change is never captured by HDL. It looks like the switch is living its own life on my net / bus at the moment :slight_smile:

Are you really using the virtual Homey HDL Device to handle your UVsws? I use the logic module, is that whats wrong? How do you pick them up in Homey?
Tor Oskar

Hi all, new to homey and new to the forum. First up, great job with the app, has breathed life back into my HDL set up.

I have managed to use UV switches to solve most of my challenges, but I have to admit I don’t really understand your reference to 212 as a default, nor the setting in the app, seems to mean 212 does not appear as a device when I add universal switches to homey. I am probably missing something but anyway, have set up a bunch of UV switches which are now triggered by various events on in my sensors. Homey only finds one type of sensor, but doesn’t matter because homey acts on the UVs.

One thing I can’t work with which might be a future feature is temperature. My sensors are in the panels and switches which I can’t pickup. Not a big deal as there is no driver for the heating controls anyway and i can leave this to the HDL setup.

Thanks again for great work :slight_smile:

Thanks Robin! In general, I must say that the implementation of the Universal Switches are not my proudest moment :slight_smile: HDL is a bus, so there are a couple of short comings in how communication is done, and it shows in the UV implementation. Given that there is nothing specific device I can ask for the status of the UVs (to my knowledge), it becomes a matter of catching signals, and the state will be lost every time something happens with the Homey etc. Any ideas on this is very welcome, both in text and in code if somebody wants to contribute.

About the temperature: You mean in the DLP panels?


Andreas, the UV switch functionality works just great for everything I have tried so far (not that much perhaps). I just use the state change I want in the UVS to start a flow, I can’t think of a problem I won’t be able to solve as yet. Only wondered if you had something cleverer in mind.

There are temperature sensors in both the DLP panels and some of the 1/2 button multi function panels. Again I don’t think I have a real need to pick up the info and could always use a UV below or above a certain value. The floor heating module itself is a complete mystery to me and seems to have a mind of its own so don’t think I will be messing with that any time soon.

and as to programming help, I am not sure my 90’s Cobol skills are going to take this thing very far forward :slight_smile:

Hi Andreas, Im buying Homey and have HDL BusPro.

I would really welcome the opportunity to control the heat in the house with Homey. I have an HDL thermal module HDL-MFH06.432. I think I will definitely be able to perform any tests and help with development, but unfortunately I am not a capable programmer enough to put my hands directly to the work.

Is it realistic to add a heating module by HDL to Homey?

It is definitely realistic to add it, and from what I can see the underlying library I’m using to communicate with the bus supports the heating modules. I can give it a shot and publish the app as a test/beta, and you can try it out in your home.


It will be perfect! Let me know after you add it and i will test it. My Homey will be arrived tomorrow.
Many thanks!

Hi Andreas, can you help me with setup? I have homey now at home. Im installing HDL app and trying to set up. IP address, subnet no problem but what do you mean with: THIS APPS ID IN HDL SUBNET? What this apps? I have no homey apps id in HDL…Cannot find more info :frowning:

EDIT: Ahh, its new ID… understnad now… :slight_smile:

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