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[APP] HDL Smartbus

@AndreasL Really nice work. I have had HDL bus pro system since 2011, and was so happy to see this system potentially getting a new life :slight_smile:

I do however miss the temperature the IR module so that I can control my receiver through Homey. Possible to add access to that would have been fantastic ? Products-HDL Automation-Residential Hospitality Commercial

I am able to get all 8i1 and 12i1 sensor to remind me of presence, but is it possible to turn the motion sensor off by Homey ?

If I understand universal switch right, the purpose of this is to be able to trigger something from HDL to Homey.

In example assign a button to a HDL panel triggering device 220 (homey) universal switch 1.
When this universal switch is triggered a flow can be started. Is this correct?

But is it possible to do it the opposite? In example let Homey set my house to night mode (trigger logic module device 60’s universal switch 101??

Hi Fredrik,
Glad to hear that the app is working out for you :slight_smile: The IR-module that you are mentioning is actually not present in the underlying library that I’ve based this on at all (smart-bus/commands.js at master · caligo-mentis/smart-bus · GitHub) so that request would take a lot of work in the library before I could implement it in the app.

No turning off the 8-in-1 sensor either, but you could move the logic away from the sensor or the logic controller and over to Homey, and then just disregard any movement if some other state is set (like time of day or another sensor).

About the Universal switches: That part is pretty tricky, as nothing particular in the bus is responsible for keeping the state of universal switches. The implementation today is based on Homey listing to the bus for Universal Switch changes (so your example is correct), and it can also send back out, but to no-one in particular. I’ve considered adding the possibility to set the address of a logic-controller in the apps setting, and then send all Universal Switches to that. If that was the case, I guess you could switch to night mode. The question is though: Do you want HDL to have a night mode, or Homey? I’m leaning in the direction of leaving the logic part to Homey.



Sadly, the dry-contacts are not added in the underlying library that I use in this app:

This means that someone will have to figure out the bytes to send to the bus for those devices, and then it can be added to the library. After that, it needs to be added to this app.


Just use the logic model to set a universal switch, then use that to initiate a flow in homey. I have done that from my panels so no reason not to do it from your dry contact I would assume

I’ve published a new version to test now, based on the latest SDK from Homey, v3. You can install it from here: HDL SmartBus | Homey

I seems stable on my system, but if someone else could test it that would be good. The “look and feel” is also updated to match Homeys new profile.

Just installed and quickly tested. The only thing that appears not to work now is the picking up of a universal switch change of state (turn on). Which ironically I just discussed above so now neither my panel based nor sensor triggered flows work. Probably I need to dig a bit deeper because it could also be the reset that does not work. ie the sensor and panel are used to switch the USs on which triggers a flow, the flow then turns the US off again after 10 seconds so it is ready to be re triggered. Assume it is easy to revert to the old version?

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Got it! Many thanks!

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@Robin_Oberst Thanks! Yes - you can install the normal version at any time to revert. I’ll look into the US.

Reverted to original version, USs work like a dream again :slight_smile: Let me know if you want me to test the beta again.

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I am a bit confused by the statement you make here “and it can also send back out, but to no-one in particular”. I am able to reset the universal switches from homey (ie turn them to off again). Have not tried switching them on from homey.

Hi Robin,
When Homey sends out a change on the US, it does it as a broadcast, so not addressed at a particular device/address.

OK, I see (or at least I think I see). Do you have any documentation on the use of USs in HDL? I have found none and everything I have done is trial and error and guess work.

Hi Andreas. Really thanks for your work! As @Robin_Oberst wrote - US solved this problem!! It’s absolutelly perfect!

I have last thing in my house. I have winter garden with electric windows. They are connected to MSC06.432 6CH.


It’s same as relay (for me). From documentaiton: "1. Out 1-6: Relay output.
". Can you look into code and maybe try to connect same like other relays which works in Homey?

Many thanks! You changed my life :slight_smile:

Hi @horakamr ! Glad to hear that you like the app :slight_smile: I’ll try to add the unit as a relay as soon as I’ve fixed the upgrade to SDK3. Should be just a couple of days.


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@Robin_Oberst New version out now for test (0.4.3) at HDL SmartBus | Homey. Great if you can test it. The other one actually had trouble with all incoming communication, but that is solved now.

About the Universal Switches and documentation, I haven’t found any myself. All other units are physical units with an address, which allows me to ask for status and otherwise “sniff” the bus to see what is going on. USs isn’t like that, so I use a broadcast address (for all units) when I send an update of the status. I’ve been thinking that I could send it specifically to a logic controller also, so that is an approach we can test (allow the user to specify the address of a logic controller and then send a copy of all US activity to that).

Everything looks working, staying in new version. Good job!

Well this is interesting. Again my universal switches do not respond in the new version. @horakamr have you tested universal switches with the new module?

New version out again at HDL SmartBus | Homey. I’ve found and fixed the issue you describe @Robin_Oberst and I’ve also added MSC06.432 6CH as a relay for you @horakamr

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Hi Andreas, you are my hero! Works perfectly, i can automatize my winter garden by temperature and weather! :slight_smile: