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[APP] HDL Smartbus

Wow that was quick, really impressed with your turn around time!! Will test it later this evening.

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Hi Andreas. No pressure with that, Im totally satisfied with your current version - it’s really perfect! If you want anything test with thermo units, I can. You can put it to the test and i will try it. Or you can connect to my computer remotelly and we can try everything what you need to know. But I repeat, no pressure… In your free time :slight_smile: It’s only icing on the cake :slight_smile:

The new version based on SDK 3 (Homey >= 5) is now live - hope it is running smoothly for everyone. A new test version is added here HDL SmartBus | Homey for a slight change to Universal Switches, documented here: GitHub - alydersen/hdl-smartbus-homey: Adds support for HDL devices to your Homey. Requires that you have an IP-module, and that its IP-address is at the same network as your Homey.

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Hi Andreas, how are you? Winter is comming… :slight_smile: :dash: :sweat_drops:
What about next development? I have pc with GIT and can try your code on homey (I edited another Daikin app to get better funcionality to my air condition…) so I can give you right feedback from your git versions. Can you save some your time to try it?

And the branch with thermostat - is there something to test?

Thanks for your work!

Would it be possible to get this fantastic HDL Smartbus app ready for the new Homey Bridge ? I do not know what it takes, but would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hi. I have problems finding dimmers, relays and sensors too, only finding theuniversal switch but it has only 1 button, did jou find any solution to the problem?