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[APP] Homewizard (0.2.8 stable, 0.2.8 beta)

HomeWizard appliance (not the Link or Smart Switch)

Project master source: https://github.com/jtebbens/com.homewizard/tree/master
Beta channel: https://github.com/jtebbens/com.homewizard/tree/beta

Developers: Jeroen Tebbens, Jeroen Bos, Nick Bockmeulen

Supports: Energylink, Heatlink, Windmeter, Rainmeter, Temperature sensors.
Does not support: Smoke sensors, Light bulps & Power sockets (use KlikAanKlikUit or Smartwares app to control these).

Support issues/problems raise them here: https://github.com/jtebbens/com.homewizard/issues

Homey does not support Heatlink and Energylink directly without the Homewizard unit.
Homewizard have protected their 868mhz communication with Energylink and Heatlink so you still need the Homewizard unit to make this work.

This app let’s you connect your HomeWizard to Homey.
You can add your HomeWizard in the device section.
Upon first deployment you need add the Homewizard unit first,
then you can add the related/connected components
from Homewizard to your Homey (ie. Heatlink, Energylink etc.

Latest Changelog:


  • Updated measure_power to reflect Netto power vs Used (Solar needs to add its own power generation in Homey)


  • Homey 3.0 / Energy support (Energylink & Watcher)
    You must pair your Energylink again to make it show on the Energy tab as Smart meter)


  • Netto power usage added (Current power/watts which will go negative if you produce power via solar) - You can add Energylink (duplicate) and update your flows. Or remove your Energylink and add it again. This new value/counter wont show if you already paired your Energylink.


* Bugfix Rainmeter and EnergyLink triggers


  • Rainmeter flow trigger added (Rainfall total based)


* Windmeter fix and heatlink action card added


* Added windmeter
Changed device class to make it work on Homey V2


Save readings from your smart meter
Fixed EnergyLink not correctly saving solar from S2 port.


Added rainmeter
SIDENOTE just as the Energylink, heatlink etc you need to add Rain and Windmeter separately. Verify homewizard has its windmeter units set to km/h else you get funny measures

Placeholder for future messages.

The power sensor from homewizard adds up to the total usage in homey energy. But the watcher should be the overall power usage. And all the other devices a slice of that. Now I have more usage then the watcher says.

For example

650 should be the bottom value. (Total usage)

I don’t even see Energie (HomeWizard)

Hi all, Homewizard app is not compatible yet with Homey 3.0. It was just released (final) and I have it installed today myself so I can start development/update on the Homewizard app to make it work properly with Homey 3.0.

Thanks for the quick reply! If you need any info let me know. I will wait until the next release


Beta release (pending) Energylink is now detected as overall measure (Smart Meter/Slimme Meter).
To use this you have to pair your Energylink again.


Ok beta version is approved so you guys can play with it.

Thanks! The p1 energy is added to the energy measured in the zones so the total energy is not correct.

Please explain. Don’t understand.

After I log out and in (app) everything looks fine.


After a wile the Engerylink values won’t update anymore. Resetting the app does not resolve the problem.

That problem is related to your Homewizard wifi connectivity. I have no problems with the beta app myself (still running and getting Energylink data). Another one could be Homewizard and Energylink distance. Not sure how your units are placed and configured but it sounds like you have to check it first.

Mmm strange, never noticed that problem before…

I noticed the same thing (before the beta version), but like Jeroen said it’s a Homewizard issue.
What i did , i connect Homewizard to a KAKU switch and connect the switch to Homey.
At 00:05 Homey checks with Energylink if the values are not greater then 1kwh.
If they are greater Homey switch the KAKU off and after 30 sec on , to reset Homewizard.
And the problem is fixed :grinning:

Yes correct. Another problem what could cause this is if you have other integrations (domoticz or HASS etc) talking to your Homewizard unit. The Homewizard unit gets overloaded (high cpu or open connections) which eventually make the Homewizard unresponsive for a while. Not sure if you have other http gets getting data from Homewizard?

No I only use HomeWizard with Energylink at the moment. Maybe I’am switching tot Youless in the near future so I can switch off Homewizard. But for now I’am happy with your app and investigate the connection with Homey as you mention.