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[APP] Homewizard Energy (stable: v0.1.0 beta: v0.1.5)

@Bug try this version

@Jeroen_Tebbens looking good… i see them all labled as “Energie”
if you could change the description to below it would be better understandable for all :wink:

  • active_power_w: 1472, >> as “Current usage all phases” or “Huidig gebruik alle fases”
  • active_power_l1_w: 21, >> as “Current usage phase 1” or “Huidig gebruik fase 1”
  • active_power_l2_w: 248, >> as “Current usage phase 2” or “Huidig gebruik fase 2”
  • active_power_l3_w: 1202, >> as “Current usage phase 3” or “Huidig gebruik fase 3”

thanks for your efforts!!

Yeah I will change the l1, l2 and l3 but keep the overall as is.
Just needed be sure the values flow in because I don’t have a phase 3 powerline.

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Looks like this:

Yes I know the problem. Just need to find time to fix it.

no worries! just wanted to show you the result on a 3 phase powerline.

Updated, try this one: https://homey.app/a/com.homewizardenergy/test/