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[APP] Insight Trends

Selecting a Better Logic Insights var as action card:

Awesome app! I’m using this to switch the extraction fan as @Peter_Kawa. Just trying to find the right trend to prevent it frome turning off whilst cooking.

But I also like to switch my mechanical ventilation based on co2. Sure WHEN higher than x THEN set fan off/low/high works, but it takes a while to lower co2 when it’s raisen.

So with trends I could switch it to high when it rises quick (visitors over) to start ventilating soner.

I feed the calculation every minute with co2 ppm. Every 15 minutes the calculion should be completed. But the trend values are through the roof. 4.0-22.0. Shouldn’t it always be between 1and - 1?

[10-05 22:08] .: https://homey.app/f/y9mVnBq
[10-05 22:09] .: https://homey.app/f/mxrVnB

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Hi Fabian,
The first flow link shouldn’t have the last ‘q’ :upside_down_face: But I was able to view it.
To calculate the c02 ppm every minute is ok, but you can change it to every 10secs or something. The developer tested the calculations, it generates very little load on Homey. The more measure points, the more accurate it works.

About the “every 15 mins the calculation should be completed”, it works a little different.
The 15 minutes setting means, it calculates the trend of the c02 ppm values of the last 15 minutes. But maybe you meant that.
The calculation itself is done in a sec or so.

About your returned trend numbers,
the app description indeed says:

  • Trend: a value between -1 and 1 indicating if the sensors measurement is going up or down (and how fast/slow). for example a value of 0.75 means the trend is going up rapidly while -0.1 means a slight downwards trend

So the trend should be between -1 and 1, but it isn’t.
If a trend is 22, it just means the measured value has raised very very fast in time.
I don’t think anything is wrong with the trend numbers you receive.

So I ran a test, and I can confirm a trend of -7.99 which shutted down my cooker hood:

To ‘sanitize’ your trend values, you can do this inside your notification card: Trend={{round([trendtag],2)}} to display the trend with 2 digits.