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[APP] Minut Point

@Tolga i will upgrade the app as soon as posible, i made a full rewrite of the app to allow smoother api calls, also the alarm of the point is now available, i only need to write a readme :wink:

Great News.

The most important I know is to update to the new alpha version and remove and add the Points again to the Homey. For a point you get then 2 devices: the point itself and the Home. I have 2 “homes” but if you have 2 points in one home thats OK as well (only one Home device then).

In this scenario I can even use the motion sensor from the Point in Heimdall, but still need extra flows to enable and disable the Point Alarms (motion and alarm are 2 different things).

So if I now walk into the house, the Minut Point begins to beep for 40 seconds and the sirene begin to sound, then a few seconds later the other sirenes are sounding (due to Heimdall timer of 40 seconds…).

@ketra90 Hi,

First sorry for my english
I see the app updated but the problem is, it does not update the data, see picture. What i do wrong? Thanks for Help.

hello @Tolga,

This js my bad. i should have added some explanation with this update.

due to the rebuild of the app, devices should be readded in order to have them receive data again.

this is also stated my M_a_r_c_o in his previous post.

sorry for the inconvenience.

kind regards


Big Thanks.