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[APP] Motion Blinds

MOTION Blinds is a groundbreaking window covering automation solution that makes motorized blinds available to everyone. The blinds are super easy to install and can be operated from anywhere, in any way. Discover the endless options to find the solution that fits your requirements.

Smart window coverings automatically adapt to your daily rhythm and to natural elements, such as temperature and daylight. Even when you are away from home. This makes your smart home safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient. Discover the endless possibilities of MOTION Blinds.

To connect your MOTION devices to Homey, you must have a WIFI bridge in your home network that can control up to 30 different blinds. The bridge is configured with the blinds you need by using the official MOTION Blinds app. Homey communicates with one or more of these bridges to control the devices connected to them. You can also link the blinds to a remote. Note that remotes are a useful addition to MOTION devices but cannot be added directly to the bridge or Homey. The remote controls the blind directly, and the blind reports what is happening back to the bridge and Homey.

In order for Homey to be allowed to send commands to the bridge, it needs a key. The key can be configured in the Homey MOTION app settings. You will find instructions there on how to obtain the key.

ROBB Smarrt is a quality home brand of ROBBshop.nl. It features various MOTION Blinds products, among which is a MOTION motor that can be applied to almost any existing rollerblind. Simply remove the original chain control, insert the rechargeable motor in the original rollerblind tube and mount the blind using the provided materials. The end result is almost impossible to differentiate from a normal, non-motorized rollerblind.

What you need to get started is the Rollerblind motor, the Wifi bridge and optionally the Remote.

The app code can be found on GitHub.
This app is also available in the Community Store.
It was made in my spare time, sponsored by ROBBShop.
If you like the app, consider buying me a beer: Donate.


Release notes:

Version 1.0.6

  • Added flow conditions for fully open/close positions
  • Blocking alarm no longer activates zone activity
  • Hints for block/unblock flow cards.

Version 1.0.5

  • Bolder icon lines in style with new Homey design.

Version 1.0.4

  • Removed faulty formatting on flow cards and applied branding.

Version 1.0.3

  • Implemented debug setting that logs all messages
  • A blocked blind will now allow to go to the open position from the slider as well
  • Small textual changes.

Version 1.0.2

  • Added advanced device setting for window sensor that blocks the curtain from closing, including flow cards
  • Added advanced device setting for maximum traveltime
  • Added advanced device setting if a blind is part of a remote group to reduce system load and increase performance.

Version 1.0.1

  • Support for venetian blinds (tilt)
  • Support for curtains
  • Automatic selection of capabilities
  • Tile now shows open/closed status when possible
  • Added signal strength capability
  • Better synchronisation between up/down and slider
  • Fixed state changes to curtain slider when triggered from a flow.

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release

Know the problem that you can’t roll down a rollerblind when the window is open, because the window opens inward? Be sure to check the advanced device settings in the app. With this and some simple extra flows you can prevent the blinds from rolling down when a window contact sensor is armed. And the best thing is, it also works when the device is directly controlled through the app or Google Home! See post #4 for instructions.

To implement the feature from post #3 to block a blind from opening when the window is open, adjust the advanced settings of the blind:

Then make flows like this to copy the alarm state of your window to the blind:

In the web app it will look like this when the blind is blocked from operation: image

The app is now live in the official Homey app store.

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On the (withdrawn) question why one device wasn’t recognised:

The bridge sends a device count every minute or so, so it may be the other wasn’t recognized yet. If you gave it time, something else may be causing it. Also, you might try restarting the app to see it it is recognised then.

I had the same when one of the devices was on the border of the range for the bridge. Are they close to the bridge or at a distance with walls in between? You can see the signal strength in the Motion app for each curtain in the upper right corner when you step into the dialog to control it. If you see it is low, try to place the gatweway in another location. That did it for me. I added support for multiple bridges, so if they are far, far apart an extra dongle will help (though I couldn’t test it myself).

Also, You I assume you can control each motor individually? If they listen to the same code, it might be they are seen as one. And did you add both as roller blind or as another type of curtain?

If nothing works, go to the settings of the app, turn on the debug option, restart the app and after a minute or so try to pair. Then send me a diagnostics report from the app, and post the ID in this thread. I will be able to tell more then. After that turn off the debug option in the settings again.

I got a diagnostics report from some one, but I cannot see who it is from. Ideally you would hit the button, copy the code and give me some info on what you’re seeing in the Homey forum for the app, together with the code.

Form the diagnostics I do not see any devices that were received from the bridge. I also see some setting and clearing of the key. The driver tried to get the devices shortly after the key was cleared, so maybe that messed things up a bit.

Assuming you have blinds configured in the motion app which you are able to control from that app, could you then try the following:

  • Go to the Motion Blinds app settings and turn on the debug option. Make sure the key is there (you see the 16 stars from the key).
  • Restart the Motion Blinds app in Homey
  • Wait a little over a minute (shouldn’t be needed, but the device gets a device count from the bridge every minute)
  • try pairing again
  • If you still don’t see any devices, send me a diagnostics report again.
  • Turn off the debug option in the settings