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APP: My New Motion app now available in beta!

Hi All,

I am happy to launch the “My New Motion” app.
Its inspired and forked from The New Motion app. However I quickly found that the use case is completely different than the original app by Jaimie Visser. So decided to include the name change to cover the new use cases better.

This new app is aimed to include your private New Motion chargers into your home automation. So it requires you to have an active account for my.newmotion.com with at least a single charger registered in that account and with at least one active charge card registered.
I believe that all owners of a lolo should meet these requirements anyway. But just to be clear.

So what does it do for you?

  • Start and stop charging sessions (using your default charge card)
  • Flow integration for starting/stopping action cards
  • Flow integration for changing charger status (also when triggered by website or physical charge cards)

Limitations and nice to haves at this time:

  • I used the base device models from the new motion app so it should support other charger types but I have no way of validating nor do I believe that’s a valid use case for my.newmotion.com users.
  • I do not register power consumption nor session usage at this time. I did determine this is possible (as a post charge session time) and would be nice to log the sessions power consumption.
  • You can not select your charge card at this time, if you have multiple registered the app will use the first card returned by the API
  • Charge points have 3 active status (available green, paired and not charging aqua, paired and charging blue). For the On/Off only the green status is considered Off. The rest is On. I am considering adding the aqua status as flow events.

Known issues

  • Images need some fine tuning, my svg skills are limited any help is appreciated
  • I am using the new motion app logo (sorry Jamie ;)). Will see about a new one before the full release.

Well I am hoping someone else will enjoy the benefits of making your car charging smart and automated. I know it was a wish of mine for over a year now. Very happy that its working with Homey.