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[APP] Nuki Bridge Api (not in app store)


Nuki Bridge Api (local) App

This is an alternative Homey app for the Nuki Smart Lock. The official app in the Homey app store created by Athom uses the web API for communication with your Nuki. The official app polls your device for changes in the lockstate which reduces the battery life of your Nuki and depends on an internet connection between your Nuki Bridge and the Nuki cloud.

This alternative app only requires internet access during pairing of your Nuki but relies completely on local communication between Homey and your Nuki for updates in lockstate changes. When your Nuki changes the lockstate it will notify Homey directly of the changed lockstate without the need to poll your Nuki. Another difference it that it brings back the other possible lockactions like “Lock n Go” which where available in the previous community Nuki app and which are missing in the new official Homey app. So benefits from this app of the official app are:

  • no internet connection needed for communication between Homey and Nuki
  • no polling needed for lockstate updates
  • faster response times because direct communication
  • being able to set all possible lock actions


This app is not available in the Homey app store since Athom does not want two Nuki apps in their app store. Installation will require you to sideload this app with a CLI install. This requires some technical knowledge. The latest version of the Nuki Bridge API app can be found in the following GitHub repository.

Adding your Nuki

Follow these steps to add your Nuki to Homey after you have installed the app.

  • First enable the HTTP API in your Nuki Bridge. You can do this within the Nuki smartphone app. Go to manage your devices and select your Nuki Bridge. There you can enable the HTTP API.
  • Once enabled go to the Homey app and add a Nuki Smart Lock as device by selecting the ‘Nuki Smart Lock’ app from the pairing wizard.
  • Confirm adding a Nuki Smart Lock and wait for the discovery process to start
  • Press the button of your Nuki Bridge(s) during the discovery process
  • Select the Nuki(s) you wish to add to Homey and confirm
    You Nuki(s) have now been added to Homey.


I enjoy creating apps for Homey and try to support them as best as I can. If you enjoy using my apps a donation in return for the time I put into this is much appreciated.



v1.4.0 - 2020-06-15

Added support for the door sensor of the Nuki lock. This requires bridge firmware 2.6.0 / 1.16.0 which is currently in beta. Please be aware that the Nuki callbacks of the door sensor are not real time. So there will be a delay in response which can also result in missed events.

v1.3.0 - 2020-06-01

Added support for Nuki Opener (kudo’s to Piero Freguia).

v1.2.0 - 2020-05-25

Added a manual pairing fallback mechanism, specifically useful for pairing a software Nuki bridge.

v1.1.3 - 2020-03-01

Small code refactoring to reduce complexity and lines of code.

v1.1.2 - 2019-12-04

Fixed custom condition card for (un)locked but also deprecated it as it’s a duplicate of the default condition cards for the locked capability

v1.1.1 - 2019-11-17

Fix for alarm_battery capability due to a bug in Homey core

v1.1.0 - 2019-11-11

  • Changed endpoint from /lockState to /list for polling the lock. The /list endpoints gets the cached state from the lock and using this will spare the batteries of the lock
  • Added the alarm_battery capability and deprecated the previous “Battery Critical” trigger card. Please switch to the default “Battery Alarm” trigger card as the old one does not work anymore

v1.0.3 - 2019-03-20

  • FIX: removed code to set the device unavailable when it is not reachable (due to know issue with 503 errors)
  • FIX: only trigger battery critical once until the batteries have been replaced

v1.0.2 - 2019-03-13

  • FIX: small workaround for random 503 errors from Nuki Bridge

v1.0.1 - 2019-03-13

  • FIX: small fix for quick action

Super work! Why not release it in the appstore? There are more apps that have different versions in the store. Its up to the Homey user to choose which one he likes best. And I like your version best :kissing_heart:

I’ll ask Athom on their opinion on this. I dont wanna contribute to a confusing eco system.

I agree with @gruijter it should be added. I see it as contributing to a versatile eco system.

Let the user choose which app to use, just like the Philips Hue, Ikea Trädfri and Weather Flow apps, an option for a (local) direct device connection and an option for a (cloud based) bridge connection.


I asked Emile from Athom on their point of view on this. As suspected they do not want two Nuki apps in the app store. I won’t be publishing this in the app store but it will stay available for side loading thorough CLI.


I can’t understand why your ‘second’ Nuki App is treated differently as the second Homekit, Philips Hue, Ikea Trädfri, Osram Lightify, WeatherFlow and the multiple timer/countdown apps.
I thought Athom was improving on listening to their customers but it seems I was wrong :frowning:


And I guess Athom has had direct contact with Nuki while building the app. Looking at the the store actions has with things like free fobs…

Problem is that Athom also sells other Smart Home stuff, so they have a costumer/supplier reilationship with some of the company’s with an app in the app store. And they sometimes make aggreements with eachother.

Well I gues Athom needs some sort of a cashflow next to Homey so I prefer this way above some sprt of subscription plan. However this isn’t flawless either I understand.

@Phuturist Im using the Nuki v2, with the doorsensor (door opend or closed) any possibility you can add that to the app? i’ll be happy to test.

Thnx in advance

It’s not available in the bridge API yet. You can vote for my feature request on the Nuki forum here: https://developer.nuki.io/t/add-user-to-bridge-http-api-notifications/151/15

Ok, didnt knew that thanks.
But is strange do, i can see the lock status when im not at home so its passed through the bride than right?

Linked to the wrong feature request, this is the right one. But please vote on both.

It might be available in the bridge, it’s not in the API yet.

Thnx, i voted

Can’t add my nuki v2.
error: request to failed, reason:
connect econnrefused.
Am I doing something wrong?

Looking at the error you do not have the correct password.

There is no window where do i type my password.
In the Athom app i’ll get a window to fill in my nuki web password.
But not in you’re app

sorry doesn’t matter i’ve installed the athom app and uninstalled your nuki app.
Now i get a login windows.

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my alarm is based on the nuki status, which with the atom app was not updated fast enough
Do you confirm your version will update its status much faster?

edit: installed your app and it seems the status update is almost slower than the athom app, i guess something is wrong in my config

got an error message once trying to open and close the door from you app
, any idea how to correct this?

Make sure you have the latest firmware and the latest version of my nuki app. It’s an issue with the Nuki. More info here:

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