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Hello @fantross,

An Opener is locked if Continuous mode (auf Deutsch: Dauermodus) is deactivated and the state of the Opener is online. If Continuous mode is active and/or the state is Ring to Open, the Opener becomes unlocked.

Continuous mode and Opener state may be changed in several ways, not necessarily by a flow card action.

The “lock/unlock” paradigm is a Homey model for all lock-class devices whereas Nuki has specific states and actions for its Opener. They cannot match perfectly…

Thanks for the explanation.
However, I have not made any changes in the device settings often Opener, neither in the Homey App nor in the Nuki App. I haven’t activated the Continuous Mode (Dauermodus) for weeks.
Is the state “Unlock Time” (Aufsperrdauer; RtO and Continuous Mode) checked from time to time and does the status appear in the timeline?
Or how should I understand this?

Hello @fantross,
Unlock duration/Aufsperrdauer is just a setting that affects the duration of the unlock (if the unlock is issued by Nuki Direct).
Your Opener may automatically get in Ring to Open state if you activated the Smart Actions (Auto Unlock) in the Nuki app for smartphone, i.e. every time that you (or your family members) enter the geofence around your building (my Opener does so).

Yes, that’s right. I use Auto Unlock.
So if I enter the geofence the Opener goes in state „Unlock/Entriegelt“ and opens the door if I ring at the doorbell.
After a certain time (when I don’t ring and open the door, setting is in the orig. Nuki App) or after I ring the doorbell, then the Opener goes again in the „Closed/Verriegelt“ state?
Is that right?

Yes, This is right. When you see the Opener as Unlocked in Nuki Direct, it means that the door will be opened if someone rings the doorbell.
While the Opener is seen as Unlocked in Nuki Direct, it is seen as Ring to Open and/or Ring to Open by Continuous mode in Nuki app for smartphone. In Nuki Direct I added the Nuki State capability that reports the state of the device as defined by Nuki.
Note: as you could see, I added some German translations in Nuki Direct (full supported languages: English, Dutch, Italian); maybe those translations are imprecise… If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you.

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Okay, now I understand, thank you very much!

Regarding the German translation, however, only two or three cards, the instruction for adding the devices and some small things are missing (which I found spontaneously). The already translated things are ok.
If you like I can translate the rest.

Hello @ChrisBoer,

In order to fix the issues you opened I committed to the master branch on GitHub an updated version of Nuki Direct.

In this version the actions from user interface (UI actions) and the actions from action flow cards (flow actions) related to same device never overlap.

When action B starts before the action A is finished, the following rules are followed:

  • If action B is the same as action A (for example: A is a Lock action in progress and B is also a Lock action), then action B simply waits for the completion of A and return success.
  • If action B is different from action A (for example: A is a Lock action in progress and B is an Open/Unlatch action) then the behavior depends on the action origin:
    • If action B is a UI action, action B is aborted;
    • If action B is a flow action, action B waits for the completion of action A before starting.

These rules also apply to more than two actions.

Thanks Piero, I will execute a test tomorrow evening !

Nuki Direct v3.0.4 released and available on Homey Community Store and GitHub.

Thnx Piero! The Community App Store PayPal link is still linking to Phuturist. Off course he did a great job (in the past ;-)), but people might want to buy you a beer too?

Hello @2Be,
Thank you for reminding me. Yes, I’m aware of that. It is just a smooth transaction from @Phuturist to me. In the next version of Nuki Direct I will also update the “contributing” section of the app.

Today Nuki released several public firmware updates:

  • Smart Lock firmware 2.8.15 / 1.10.3
  • Opener firmware 1.5.3
  • Keypad firmware 1.7.0

Latest Bridge firmware was released 3 weeks ago:

  • Bridge firmware 2.7.0 / 1.17.0

With these public firmware updates the following features of Nuki Direct v3.0.4 are disclosed to anyone:
:heavy_check_mark: Smart Lock contact alarm (door sensor)
:heavy_check_mark: Smart Lock battery level
:heavy_check_mark: “Someone rang the doorbell”
:heavy_check_mark: Keypad battery alarm