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[APP] OctoPrint

Control and monitor your 3D printer

Together with a friend I helped develop an app for OctoPrint I thought you might like to know about :slight_smile:

Link to app store
Source code is available here

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Norwegian

With this app you can:

  • Send notifications once a print has finished, with snapshot from webcam configured in OctoPrint.
  • Pause, resume and cancel a print.
  • See current state, tool temperature, bed temperature, time estimate, completion percentage, print time and time left.
  • All sensors and states are available as tags and can be used in flows.

Please report issues or ideas at the issues section on Github


That’s actually really nice!!

Hello and thank you for the work. I do not understand what to install and or. I have feedback on my application, but I cannot control my printer.

I love the app, now the printer is part of my home automation. But if i send a snapshot i just get the Homey logo shown. Is there something else which needs to be configured for that functionality. My webcam and snapshot settings in Octoprint works fine.

Thanks for this app, but i can’t seem to get my octoprint added.

I keep getting “could not find that pair session”

Any hints are welcome.


Edit: problem found i switch to the browser during adding of the device after re adding without switching it worked.

Hello :slight_smile:

1.0.8 is now available in test.

  • Fixed flow_token_already_exists error
  • Minor translation fixes


Snapshot is now a global tag so it can be used everywhere, also you can customize the snapshot url under advanced settings if you prefer, otherwise it defaults to octoprints webcam snapshot url.

There was an issue with on/off being triggered untimely, this should now be fixed. Also better handling of device setup if something goes wrong. Buttons are also operational, pause/resume cancel.

!! After update (breaking changes) !!
This is a big update. Please remove device and re-add, then update your flows to make sure everything is functioning. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Homey SDK v3
  • Improved translations
  • Easier/Quicker setup
  • Snapshot config moved to advanced settings
  • Snapshot is now a global token (tag)
  • Buttons are now functional
  • Adds trigger card for print paused
  • Fixed off trigger when it shouldn’t
  • Adds homey community topic id
  • Adds loading overlay in setup

Any issues, feel free to report here.


1.0.8 is now live!

!! After update (breaking changes) !!
I want to point out once again that this has some breaking changes, so before reporting bugs any bugs, please make sure you remove and re-add your device(s) and update your flows.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Maybe a stupid question:
I use one Raspi Octoprint setup to serve two printers…is it possible to add both of them?
When I try to add the second one, i get a message “duplicate device” using different applications keys.
Adding the printer i get a “flowtoken_already_exists” error.

1.0.9 is now out in test!


  • Fixed run listener init
  • Adds camera in-app

@Tequila329 Not a stupid question at all.

The reason you get duplicate is that it is a duplicate, one device equals one octoprint server. This should work fine with one device, but there is nowhere for you to select between printers in the app so that part has to be done inside octoprint for now. If you want to see such a feature please create a new feature request here. I’m not sure if this is a common thing, being you can’t run both at the same time so I’ll have to think about it. Maybe it can be added in somehow.

For the last part “flowtoken_already_exists” it should now be fixed in 1.0.9.

OK, migrating vom Repetier Server (which can handle multiple servers on one Raspberry) Octoprint seems only one printer per server.

No problem, i can use the existing Pi to setup a second instance :+1: