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[APP] Onkyo Receiver 3.4.6

Got it. much more versatile this way. Thanks.

@Mickel_Luiten Thanks ! I use the sending a custom command to overcome some missing functionalities not implemented directly in flow actions (e.g. input selector change). I use it for Pioneer VSX-S520 and it works quite fine! I had to use port 60128, though. There are some other parameters usable for comparison e.g. boolean Turned on or Volume muted or textual Switch input, or numerical Set volume.

Working great for 3 different types of Pioneer receivers: SX-S30DAB, NC-50DAB, SX-N30AE. Even managed to control the eq in SX-S30DAB via Homey with command ACE+04+03+01+01+05+09+09+07000 (logged in via telnet and used Pioneer remote app to see the commands). Many more commands than the listed are therefore available.


Why is the app hardwired to one device? Is it not better to have the IP address and port per device, just as the general principle in Homey? Today I can only use one of my receivers as a Homey device.

Alternatively create 3 “cloned” apps to solve this issue.

Best regards,

Thanks for your great feedback.
It is a code design choice…,

General thoughts is that not many people have 2 or more receivers.

And there is a workarround to install the app thru CLI with another appID

Will try CLI, thanks!

It is getting more common to have multi room setups (not zones but true multi room). I have 3 receivers for 3 main rooms and then 5 active MRX-3 satellite speakers, all connected via Onkyo/Pioneer FlareConnect protocol. Works great as alternative to, e.g., Sonos. Pretty sure I can control satellites too with your handy app.

Let me know i you have any troubles.
Willing to help with installing thru CLI

Mickel, appreciate and need your help.

In the app.json I changed
“id”: “com.onkyo2”
“name”: {
“en”: “Onkyo 2 Receiver”

It builds fine, but error (dir related?) when homey app install:

✓ Plugin compose finished

✓ Pruning dev dependencies…
× Error occurred during npm prune TypeError: prunePathsJson.removed.map is not a function
at Function.getPrunePaths

It then comes in to Homey app list correct, I can add a device, but Homey gives an error right after device add (device not available and this app has unexpectedly stopped). Have checked config, etc.

Any ideas?

That error in your CLI is an error in the Homey module, should be fixed in the next update of the CLI which is in the works by Athom.

The error of the device becoming unavailable is probably a different bug, not caused by the error in your CLI, better to use homey app run instead of homey app install, to see the error that is happening with the device

Thank you @Caseda . Homey app run better and I can now see the second bug which seems driver related. Maybe @Mickel_Luiten has ideas for this one.

Did you run a NPM install in the app directory? There are some dependencies that are not on GIT.

No I did not. But started all over. Now the Pruning dev dependencies error is gone after running NPM install in app dir, which is progress, and thank you for that!

Still stuck with the device not responding error in Homey app and I am sure the device responds since it is the same as I used for the regular app Also trying another receiver at below.

To receiver with IP .15 there is a connection.
But i have a good suggestion what the problem is…

Will check this tommorow

@Otoft , found the problem, when you do a npm install the EISCP dependencies are downloaded.
But in some files from the EISCP module i made some adjustments…
So now i have created a TEST branch on GIT where the EISCP is in the local folder of homey where my adjustments are saved.
check GitHub - mickelluiten/com.onkyoreceiver at TEST

Download it or do a pull request, in app folder run NPM install.
Change ID and NAME in the app.json.
Run the code, should work now.

@Mickel_Luiten , thank you for your dedication to resolve this. It works, no errors at all! Strongly appreciate your responsiveness over the weekend. I will now give the app a 5 star rating, as it is one of the most flexible Homey audio apps due to possibility to send highly advanced raw EISCP commands, which might vary from Onkyo/Pioneer model to model. I basically open a telnet session, the Pioneer Remote App and then scrape the commands off there. Remember to update the description. I confirm that it works with Pioneer SX-S30DAB, NC-50DAB, SX-N30AE, MRX-3, MRX-5 (all on port 60128, with your cloning solution if more than one device is needed as in my case). Thanks again. Ole

Hi! Can it control Integra-receiver which in fact is an Onkyo on the inside?

@Raymond_Accaoui , there are several (Pioneer) Integra Receivers that can be control with the app.
Just try is my suggestion.
Read some previous post also, some users replyed that some Pioneer and Interga VSX receivers are working.

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