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[App] PaperTrails Log - Advanced Logging and Log management (v0.6.3)

Correct. But if you put a $ in front of the first word, it is omitted from the log.
The word in front of the subject (or whatever it is called) remains “Trail”.
i would have expected (based on the config screen) that the application name “Trail” would be replaced with the word with the “$”

After successfully connecting the PaperTrails app to my Qnap syslog server, I am looking for two applications to evaluate the message remotely.

First, a terminal/console app that I can use during development (vscode) to analyze the issues. And secondly a tiny web app to have an overview of my system on daily use ?

Can someone help me ?

I know that, but that’s just the server, what I’m looking for is the web app for the visualization.

I’ve some problems with papertrails, multiple times every day I get a pause symbol and papertrails stopped working. After a reboot of the app it works again. I’ve made a flow to restart papertrails every night, but unfortunately I’ve got the same problem.

The problem started with homey v7 or 7.0.1.
Is there a way to fix this?

Homey early 2019
Homey V7.1.0
App V6.8.0.743
Papertrails V0.6.3

What an awesome app!

I’ve implemented the connection to my.papertrailapp.com, and things are showing up in /events when I am using the flow-cards.

However, if I am using the functionality in homeyScript to post a log-event, it only shows up on the log-screen of the app itself.

Is this a bug / missing feature, or am I configuring something wrong?

I have selected the “Enable syslog for all log additions” option.

Hi Arjan, it happened here too the other day.

The cause in my case was a recent created flow, which triggers and logged every minute.
Alongside all the other logs being written in the meantime, it was too much I think (every flow writes a log here).

Homey decides to pause the app, to prevent Homey or other apps from going down; the criteria used are unknown to me.

So when I removed the log card from the ‘1 minute flow’ the ‘pause problem’ was gone.

Thanks Peter,
I’m gonna look for the flow that write allot of times. For me it’s the same, almost every flow have to note the flow name on papertrails.

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