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[APP] Particle.io

Let homey control your Particle.io devices.

App store link: Particle.io

Before adding a particle device you need to go to app settings and enter the API access token. If you don’t know where to find the access token this thread may help.

Devices need to be online to be added to Homey.


  • Device connected/disconnected
  • A device connected/disconnected
  • Device events
    All events generated by the device are issued to Homey as a trigger. Filtering of relevant events needs to done by using conditions.


  • Variable value


  • Call function
  • Publish event


  • Refresh interval (seconds)
    How frequently the device information is refreshed from the particle cloud to Homey.

  • Enable device events as a trigger
    By default the Device events trigger is disabled. If your device issues events that you want to use as a trigger for flows then you need to enable this setting.