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[APP] Philips Hue Extensions

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So I manually added the API key, and somehow still don’t see any lights or rooms when I tried to make a flow…

I have several Hue Lights in several rooms and in several zones. However, I cannot find anywhere to make groups and i the Hue Essentials app there are no groups available when using the app in a flow.

What am I doing wrong?

Edit: After restarting the app, all rooms and zones appeared as groups!

Feature request: Return to previous state.

This can come handy when you temporarily changed intensity due to movement or something. Return to previous state would the return the light to whatever state it was before the last change.

I do see how this can be a challenge if the Hue hub does not support it and you have to build that functionality. Might not even be doable. But I leave the for the pro dev to decide :wink:


There is an app that allows you to restore the old state. In earlier versions of the app I tried it with Hue lamps including bridge, but it did not work properly. How the current state is, I don’t know.

I would like to have this possibility in Philips Extension App also.

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Hi, thanks for this app! It’s really nice.
However I have some issues I would like to share:

I would like to create “wake up” light - slowly dim the light in my bedroom from 0 fo 100%, and color temperature from 100% to 0%. Any by saying “slowly” I mean like 5 minutes or so.

I have two problems:
1.) The “duration” of each action card is limited to 10 seconds, which means it’s useless for my purpose. The original Hue app has unlimited duration.
2.) There’s no “set absolute brightness of a group”. I know there’s a similar card in the original Hue app, but it’s only similar - I can’t specify duration in milliseconds, and I can’t specify duration using variable.

So to sum up, I suggest:

  • change the limited slider for duration for simple, but unlimited input field (let user type in the number or choose a variable)
  • add “set absolute brightness of a group” for completness

Thanks in advance!

I have used the app Transitions to make a wakeup lightfor a Tradfri ligt. Maybe this wil work.

This may be worth knowing. If you use Variables to set Dim or Hue values in Athom Philips Hue app instead of the % slider you have to use decimal so 12% becomes 0.12, but if you use Philips Hue Extension app you have to use 12 and not 0.12. I know different apps and different authors but still worth knowing. Actually, not sure that that was the case last week but there have been several RC updates so maybe something is changing

Hello Community,

any news about the API topic?


Not sure exactly what api, not that I can answer either way sorry. Hoping that Athom figure out how to control Hue via Hue Bridge as effectively as the plethora of apps available. Currently not though.
In extra news though the variable that get sent to Hue are bouncing back and forth between percentages and decimal with each RC update