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[APP] Philips Hue Zigbee


Good morning, yesterday I als tried to give one of the lamps a factory reset with the Philips Hue app. After that it was still not possible to add the lamp in the hue app of Homey.

Firmware v5 has known issues with adding devices. The problem is almost certainly not caused by the app, but by the Zigbee core implementation. You should contact Athom (support@athom.com) to try and see if they can help you.

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Athom shall be releasing fixed v5 version “soon”, they are already doing internal testing on it. Hopefully soon doesn’t mean months…

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I made a diagnostic report and sent it to support. Let’s see what they reply.

In the meanwhile I am still curious if there is somebody here who can make some suggestions to try and solve it.

Or not to solve it but at least help support with more information.

Hi Johan, did you already had the chance to have a look about the additional settings for the philips hue motion sensor? Regards

Hi @Martin_Tschanun, I’v bee testing some code but have nothing ready yet. Been busy with family and work a few days :smiley: But it looks promising.

^Hi Johan, great thanks for the update and enjoy family time.

Two things,
@Mark1541 maybe you can check it by yourself :slight_smile: invent in this
At the moderator off this board, split this to a new separate topic. the use off Lidl Device’s

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Was the code I provided helpful?