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[APP] Plejd

This Homey app allows you to control your Plejd devices, no gateway is needed.
It uses an unsupported method for communication using bluetooth.

If you have any questions/problems/feature request please post them here.

Unfortunately there is a problem with version 2.0.2 that causes the app to crash. A fix is waiting to be approved by Athom but it is available as experimental here: Plejd | Homey

Nice! Gonna try it out.

The App is approved bij Athom now. Works like a charm.

I have 1 dimmer (DIM-01) with a round button on it (RTR-01). 2 kinds of buttons:
A wireless switch (WPH-01) with 2 rockers (4 buttons) and a rond button (WRT-01)

Used it in a test setting for 3 day’s now. Gonna bluild it in to the kitchen wall soon.

Very nice thanks.

Works perfect. Do you have plan to add wireless switch (WPH-01)?

Already works with WPH-01 when you add the unit it connected to the switches does come also in homey.

Is it possible to make WRT-01 dim a fibaro dimmer 2?