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[APP] Plugwise Smile P1 - Dutch Smart Meter Reader



I’m considering buying a Plugwise Smile P1.

However, I’m seeing different images fof this device. If I’m looking on the website of Plugwise I’m seeing another device than on the homey appstorepage of this app. Are there different versions? And if so, are all versions compatible with this app?


Hi Marcel,

yes, the Smile P1 has a new version that looks a bit different. It is fully compatible with the Homey app though. So you should be fine when buying it.

As an alternative device, you could also look at the Youless LS120. This has no wifi onboard (only wired ethernet), but does have an additional optical sensor and pulse input that can be used for various applications, like a water meter or seperate solar panel data. I also built the app for the youless, and it does exactly the same as the Plugwise Smile P1 app if you only use it for P1 smartmeter.

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Thanks for your reply. I have bought a Plugwise because it has wifi so the other one was no option for me. I’m waiting for it to be shipped. Really looking forward to play with it! Do. You guys having some examples of nice flows that can be triggered using this thing?

The led ring Screensaver option is also awesome!

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I use it for example to charge my car when off-peak tarrif is on. And the ledring is used to see with a quick look if the dryer or washing machine is running.