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[APP] Plugwise Smile P1 - Dutch Smart Meter Reader

Indeed, the value for last hour gas usage was too low. So now you should be able to see that taking a 15 minute shower is killing the brazillian rainforrest :grimacing::scream::volcano::fire:

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I think it is still giving wrong values. After 0.25 usage between gas meter values, I get first 1.8m3 en a bit later 1.143m3. Both don’t make sense to me and are way too high. Any thoughts?
The hours before the usage was zero, so that cannot be of any influence

Gas usage is a calculated flow per hour. If you have a smart meter that reports gas every 5 minutes, a usage of 0.25m3 equals to 0.25 * 60/5 = 3 m3/hour. If the 0.25m3 is used in around 10 minutes, the numbers you state are about right.

Yeah, that makes sense. I thought it was the usage from last hour. But it is just a clever way to calculate a value the meter does not supply :slight_smile:

Seems about right now than. Especially useful when it becomes winter again, I’m kinda curious what central heating will be using.

Thanks for explaining!

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I should update the readme to explain more about this. Old DSMR meters, like I have, only report gas once an hour. And in that case the flow is the same as the usage of last hour. But with DSMR-5 meters the gas is reported every 5 minutes, and I thought it would be a waste not to use this extra data.

Kom er net achter dat mijn P1 niet meer de gasmeter update sinds 8-8. De rest wel wat kan dit zijn?
Gr Jeroen

Ik heb geen idee, net even in insights gekeken, mijn gasmeter update nog wel gewoon.

Toch iets met jouw P1 dan? Doet die t nog wel via de plugwise app? Anders misschien even de P1 herstarten, en daarna indien nodig de homey plugwise app herstarten?

Keep it English plz…

Hi Jeroen, did you see my response on the github issue you posted?

Yes I must connect my computer, I normally work only on my iPad.
I’m going to do this weekend

Hi Robin,

Question, if I buy the Smile P1 (V3)…
Wich Homey app do I need to use:

  • Plugwise Smile P1 (created by you)
  • Plugwise (created by Plugwise BV)

I mean in both apps they seem to support both device, why sould I use yours or the other one ?
No offence but why did you make a Plugwise P1 app since plugwise has his own App in Homey app store ? I’m a bit confused ?

With kind regards,

Non taken :partying_face:

I made the Smile P1 app before Athom created the Plugwise app. My app version is used by hundreds of verry happy users. And what I understand from them is that my app version is just better :wink: and provides more information then the Athom version.

But I have a suggestion: if you just try both apps for a few days, please publish a short review here :slight_smile:

Thank you for your quick response and info, if I buy one i will do that ofcourse. :+1:

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Hi Robin,

I received yesterday my PW Smile P1 (V3), and it did not took me a long time to decide which Homey app to choose from :rofl:… yours gives all the info. And you made a LED ring screen saver .The app from plugwise itself only give 2 readouts and that is kinda disappointing I would say.
So Robin thank you for your advise and keep up your gut work and effort, it is much appreciated be me and I think many of the Homey enthusiast community with me.

With kind regards,

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