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[APP] Plugwise Smile P1 - Dutch Smart Meter Reader

Can someone help me to calculate the gas consumption? I can see the total of my gas meter, but how can I (with a flow) calculate what I used today?

Every day (00:00) start a flow that saves your gas-meter-total to a variable and subtracts the value of yesterday from the today value.

Yes I understand, but how do I save my gas meter total to a variable? Sorry, for my newbie question, but I just can’t figure it out…

And you can check this Dutch thread

Maybe an offtopic question, but strongly related to the plugwise smile p1. Is it possible to log the power usage from the plugwise to pvoutput.org? I currently log my solar generation (goodwe: gw2pvo) to pvoutput.org, but would like to also add my usage to that site.

thanks in advance, and sorry if I could have found the answer elsewhere on the forum.

Hi Dennis,

The Homey Smile P1 app doesn’t upload power data to other services. And as far as I know the plugwise device itself also doesn’t do that.

I am silently working however on an app that can upload power data to enelogic. If more people are interested I might publish it. Would that work for you?

Today a smart meter and gas meter has been installed. The inverter of my solar panels (SMA Sunny Boy) is directly linked to Homey via the app: SMA Solar. I was thinking to buy a Smile P1 because this can also be linked to Homey. Will it be possible to combine the generated solar power data (SMA Solar app in Homey) with the Smile P1 which will be linked to Homey and my smart meter?

Homey Energy works great with the smile p1 app. Off course the p1 will show the cumulative usage of your entire house. Assuming your solar panels are fed from within your house, the smart meter (and thus the smile p1) will substract the solar power production from your own in-house usage. That is just how electricity physics works😊. But if the SMA solar app was implemented correctly by the developer (and I assume that is the case), Homey Energy will do all the real time calculations for you. Very nice😉

So there is no needs to link the Solar inverter to the Smile to get the generated power in the P1?

No need tu use Homey for that. The physics of electricity makes your solar production already flow via your power wires into the smart meter. Otherwise the panels wouldnt make much sense, would they? :wink:

After comparing a few things I made the decision not to buy the Smile P1 but the LS120. The reason was when using the LS120 I am also able to measure the water consumption. Therefore I ordered a watermeter sensor Falcon PR6. Today I expect everything to be delivered so I am able to install it. I think the best Homey app for this will be Enelogic and Youless.

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Hi all, I’m trying to add my plugwise P1 to homey, but when I do so, it tells me there is a “socket hangup”. The ID that I enter is correct (when I change it, I receive a different error message). Any thoughts on how to solve this?

@TomBoz thx 4 your donation :tada::kissing_heart::beers:

Hi Koen,

Do you have multiple wifi networks maybe? Homey and the Smile must be on the same network.

What happens if you manually login via connect.plugwise.net ?

Are you on the latest firmware? (3.3.9)


I do have multiple networks. 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz. Both have a different name. I use the 2.4Ghz for all smart devices.

When I manually log in, I am asked to login with the username and password supplied, which leads me to the web interface which is the same as the app.

According to the app, I am in version 3.3.9 indeed.

Any other suggestions?

Update: i reinstalled my wifi extenders and it’s working now. Apparently, It was not connecting directly to my router but to the extender with the same network name…

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Hi Gruijter,
I’m very interested to send the Smile P1 data to Enelogic via Homey. At the moment I use a P1 splitter and do some calculations on a Vera Plus, Like Netto usage. This is not possible at the moment with the Homey and the Smile P1.