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[APP] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

I’ll wait till Homey v5 is released.

Just one more question/suggestion.

By default the devices reset the month meter at the end of the month.
Wouldn’t it be possible to add in the settings of each device an option to chose the day wich we would like the month meter to reset?
Has an example for me it would be much more useful if the month counters reset at the day 15 of every month.

V2.2.1 is about to be released soon. Just a minor Homey API package update.

Get the test version here:


Hi, I love this app!
Would be totally cool if I could add multiple devices to the same aggregation. Like total consumption for all heaters or all lights.
Donation coming up :wink:

Donation received. Many thx :beers:

To cumulate devices ,have a look at this app: [APP] < group > (2.4.2 - Stable)

I havent used it myself, but I think you can add multiple devices into one cumulated virtual device. You should then be able to add this virtual device to PBTH.

Let us know if that works for you :wink:

Great hint! That works perfectly actually and makes perfect sense.

First week with the Homey and learning every day :wink:

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