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[APP] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

That is an interesting idea. But definitely not on the top of my priority list. Besides there are online energy managers (like enelogic, pvoutput) that do similar things. Ill keep it in mind though.

Yes, for sure, i’m using PVOutput and that gave me the idea for making this. But this way i’m notified every day automatically.

You’ve got PM

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Fixed in new version 2.3.0

  • Fix Homey boot issues.
  • Update athom-api@3.3.0

Maybe a strange questiin, but how do i force an update of an app. ‘Installeren’ in de app store does not do the trick. Or must I wait on the automatic update

Can someone confirm the homey boot issue is solved in version 2.3.0?

I’m getting a poor review in the appstore now :pensive:

@Gruijter , Looks like things are going well now. When I restart Homey, all PBTH works fine.

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Everything is ok nog with vs 2.3.0.
I Will make a review in the app store

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With the latest release I now have two days in a row the devices don’t respond anymore. After app restart they start working again. Anyone seen this behavior?

I use the app for 3 weeks or so and is working good. I have add a few more plugs to measure some power. Is it also possible to change the values in the app so the total power is the same as I have on paper. So that the start of the year is the same as I have calculated myself.
Also I have a solarpannel system that I have added 4 days later in the app. So the total ammount is to low.i did change the value but then the whole measuring was way of. I think I did something wrong.

Due to other app issues and beta testing I had te restart Homey several times.
After every reboot I had to restart this app manually duo to connectivity errors.
So it looks like that there is still an issue somewhere…

Yes you can set the start of year and start of month in advanced device settings.

@Gruijter Thanks. I will give it a try.
In advanced settings there is a daily and hourly value of 32.72. If I change the value of the month and yyear from 0 to 72, that is the real value, the app says 32.72, then the hour and daily value change to -32.72 and the month and year value change to -72
The app resets every day to 0. So I can see the value of my solarpannels daily. Only the totals for month and year are wrong because I was to late with the app.
After five minutes the value for month and year was 35.72- The hour and daily were 0.
I wil look at it tomorrow.

Update: The app needs a bit of time to change the values, now it shows the right numbers.

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Am I the only one with this problem? Yesterday I switched back to stable branch (2.3.0) but the same issue. I created a diag report. … same version apparently… so not a real good test haha


I havent been able to reproduce the problem you describe. But I will look at your report when I have time.

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If there is anything I can do / help with, please ask.

Never had this issue before the change with the issues after reboot. I myself did not have the problem described, now I do. Maybe that’s something to look at?

What version Homey fw do you use?


Very nice and welcome app.
But is it also possible to at the kost (Euro) per day etc.
And another challenge i have 2 rates normal and off-peak rates

After installing this app i am seeing weird RAM usage. The app itself does not seem to use too much RAM, but homey seems to use all of the available RAM after some period of time.
Today i noticed that some of my insights were not available (red triangle), restarted the app and everything, including RAM usage, was back to normal.

Is anybody else seeing same problems? I will try to do screenshots next time this happens.

Maybe i am just using too many insights? Currently about ten :smiley: