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[APP][Pro] Flow Checker

:zipper_mouth_face::speak_no_evil: did I say something? Can’t recall :sweat_smile::rofl:

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Thanks a lot! It’s incredible how quick you always are :muscle:


New app update (test: 1.10.1.):

  • NEW: add Flow Utilities support
  • NEW: improved functions for finding broken FlowTokens
  • FIX: update app ID for Flow Utilities after Breaking change

Together with @RobbertV I build a new app. This will add Flow Utilities and adds some useful tokens to use. Now FlowChecker can also find these tokens if they’re broken


I really like the app, already found me some broken flows several times, with over 800 flows it is bound to happen.

I did find one thing with the “Turned off flows” overview (app’s settings) though (probably all, but didn’t have any broken flows yet with this issue).
I use the < bracket in my flow titles occasionally (when I use “is less then…” logic in the particular flow), seems like the overview page doesn’t really like that as it really messes it up (yay for HTML characters!), probably needs some escaping.

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I can’t reproduce, “cv < aan/uit > ledring” as example:

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Thanks! :smiley:
Ah nice find!
Yep it’s just parsing HTML and putting the names in pain text.
Will make a fix for that!

New app update (test: 1.10.2.):

  • FIX: < and > causing settings page to break.

@Caseda can you check if this works for you? :slight_smile:


Yes, that works brilliantly now :grin: thanks ones more for the quick fix.

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I gues it has to be connected to the bracket (IE: <example, not < example), html code it also needs to be connected to work.

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Nice, Will push it to live @Caseda :slight_smile:

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New app update (live: 1.10.2.):

  • FIX: < and > causing settings page to break.

I really like your app Martijn. It saved me more than once. But I’ve also a request/questions

Sometimes I’ve a flows that is starting an other flow (with start a flow) but see now sometimes flows that don’t exist anymore. So when you test the flow I’m getting a message that it won’t work.
If its possible, it will be really handy to implement it into flow checker.

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Hey @Arjan-21 ,

I think that might be possible to implement :slight_smile:

Will add it to the todo list


Thank you!

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New app update (test: 1.11.0.):

  • NEW: ADD unused flows (+settings and flowcards)
  • NEW: ADD unused logic variables (+settings and flowcards)
  • NEW: ADD flowcards for enable/disable interval

On request of @Peter_Kawa I added unused flows and logic variables.

Unused flows: Any flow which has a unknown trigger or a ‘This flow has started’ trigger (e.g: Gedeelde Flow | Homey)
Unused logic variables: Declared logic variables which are not used in any flows

Screenshots of new features:



The world record holder in improving apps. :+1::+1::+1:


Super cool again, Martijn Verstappen :checkered_flag::racing_car:
How nice to see the “unused logics vars” and “unused flows”
scripts have been integrated.:white_check_mark:
To be able to en-/disable the interval checker using flows is neat!


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Sorry, but I had to donate little bit again :wink: …sent.

@martijnpoppen I wonder, for Unused flows, what about those triggered manually ? I wonder if we can’t exclude them or have setting to exclude them… but true is, I found some of them I can probably delete thanks to your latest update. :wink: Yet it would be more interesting to see those triggered by some condition but never actually running… just idea/opinion, I can live with what you already did :wink:


@Sharkys thank you very much! Appreciated! :smiley:

I think I can split those in to 2 sections.
Will look into that :slight_smile:

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Good Q @Sharkys.
“Unused flows” is a bit tricky description @martijnpoppen (and it’s my fault :sweat_smile: ).
I’d like to suggest “No trigger & Not started from other flow” as description. But it’s tooooooo loooooooong heheh.

True unused flows have a counter below 1 I would say.