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[APP][Pro] Govee

Hello Vincent.

Can you include the govee lyra floor lamp?

Thanks again.

Also would like H6110 added!! Thank you!

@JH_Smart and @Dragafe Those led strips are now supported on test (and auto published soon)
@Robjuh the Lyra floor lamp is now also supported @Pieter_Pessers is that the one you also ask for?
@Patrick_Verwater your led strip is now also supported.

Have fun all

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Yes Vincent.

Perfect. That was the one. Thanks.



Possible to add in these?



Hi there,
Please how do I add device H619C if I don’t see it in the list?
I’ve set up an API in the app and successfully added another device.

Thank you for help

You request I add support for it first by posting here and to ensure I do it rather quick link me a nice product page so I can grab the details without having to search for them :blush:


I am trying to connect the Govee H6138. But when I try to do this it gives me this message:

Cannot read property "map"of undefined

I already restarted the app and cut the api key so the are no spaces in front of at the end.

Can someone help me?

Greetings Patrick

Please generate an diagnostic report after you receive the error than i can check the error


This is the code.

Seems like the API is not returning that device type at this point in time.

It is also not listed in the doc (but there are more devices not listed that do work) as supported device.

If it is an WIFI enable device, than I am afraid you have to wait till Govee updates their API.

If it does not Support Wifi, please let me know, then ill remove it from the app again.

Its not supporting wifi.

Its Bluetooth.

Kind regards ,


here’s the product page of H619C. It would be great if you added it. Thank you