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[APP][Pro] Magic Home LED

Thats strange, i have 4 options (5 including Cancel), is it connected to the LAN or just the internet?!
And do you have the latest firmware?

Connected only through LAN. No “delete” function also here… My app is up2date, not sure about the device itself. I’ll try some more this evening!

Yeah thats pretty weird, I have these options on all my Magic home controllers, different types/versions. (screenshot is from a testdevice, I have about 10 in use)

@DidierVU You might want to check on a different phone/tablet. I’m not sure if that possible for you? Maybe it’s an bug in your app

I just had time to test the device after my holidays. Installed the update, restarted the app, reinstalled device, changed type in MH app, but the results are the same. Only on/off works.


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@PV2134 alright will try some other things.
With some searching I see that more people have issues with this device on other smart home hubs.

Hopefully we can get it working, but it depends on the Library i’m using

I tried on my tablet and it had the same options, so no device type/delete. Pretty weird… When I have time I’ll try to reset and reinstall the module.

As I understand from supported variants this app supports controller for addressable leds strips so I can add magic home controller for ws2812b?
Like this one:

or: Smart Home Led Strip Lights WiFi Control ZIGBEE Controller Lamp for Alexa Google | eBay

Hey @Aestum ,

The addressable led strips i’m not sure. I know the official magic home app will support it. But I didn’t test it myself in Homey so no guarantee it will work :wink:

If you really want to use addressable led strips you might also want to have look at D.A.L.O.R App voor Homey | Homey

The 2nd link will work.

Will this app be made also for Homey (beta)?

Looking at the first post, the app only works over a local WiFi network, which isn’t supported by Homey Cloud/Bridge. You need a Homey Pro for that.

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@Stijn_De_Jonghe No this app will never be available on a Homey Bridge.
For the full list of apps you can check this: Homey (cloud / bridge version), a selection of available apps (WIKI)