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[APP][Pro]Misol and Ecowitt. (version 0.1.5 and test 0.1.7 )

I have added a new “Simulation Data” tab in the App - Configure App section. You can copy the data from the Detect tab and past it into the Simulation data box. When the Activate button is tapped you should see a confirmation message and then the app will process the text as if it is received from the gateways. You can edit any of the the field values and tap on Activate to simulate new data.

everything works now, even test from the flow

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Thanks Adrian Rockall for this great app, works very nice to monitor the moisture levels in my garden and automate the sprinklers on it.

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BEWARE: It looks like the GW1000 firmware 1.6.8 breaks the Customised data transmission. I would advise switching off automatic updates and not updating to this version.
I have requested support for the issue and will update on here when it is fixed.

OK, it appears after resetting the GW1000 to factory default and setting it up again fixed the problem.