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[APP][PRO] Motion Blinds

A bit too quick with copy paste :frowning: . Can you install 1.1.4 from the same link?

You are awesome. Is has been added. I’ll test a few days. Want me to test something specifically?

Good to hear! Just let me know what you think. I couldn’t test the effect of the tilt controls for fine-tuning the position. But any feedback is welcome.


So far the blinds seem to be working as they should.
The flows i’ve prepared are triggering as they should.

I’ve got a feature request for this one. The motion blinds app does have a
“0 to 100%” sunlight blocking slider. If i set it to zero the blinds open the transparent parts
of the blinds. If i set it to 80% the blinds close the gap to 80 (so 20% sunlight through the gaps).

Is it possible to add this slider to the homey app next to the “normal” slider where 0% is all the way up and 100% all the way down?



Do you mean reverse the behavior of the slider used for tilting the venetian blinds and/ or finetuning the double roller position? That should be possible, but I think I need to make it an option. I’m guessing the behavior differs depending on the position that you stop the blind and the current state of the slider at that time.

Put the control next to the up/down slider it is not an option that I can provide. aI am bound by the UI components that Homey provides and by the way Homey displays them.

The slider should now work in the test version of the app.

The test version with Double Roller support is now live. For those that installed the test version, it is advised to go to the app store and install the official version. It is the same, but makes sure that you do not stay on the test track.