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@martijnpoppen the app is not updating the data anymore. I wanted to use my scooter this morning and the app says it was 87% charged, but when I turned the switch it was 25%.

Hey @Rens_Hoekema ,
Oh that shouldnt be the case :stuck_out_tongue:
Can you send a diagnostic report?

Is your scooter still available on my account?

@martijnpoppen yes it is: 560f3337-4e69-4a5b-95b6-833b83d3b75a

Can you try to login again?
I think the token is expired.
But if you login again it will be refreshed.
When you did that can you send a new report?

I’ll make a fix for the the expiration

Looks like i ts working again, just after I created the diag 1a314f9c-053f-4a58-9a6f-3130e59653a0

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Yes works!
Ok then I know enough to fix it :slight_smile:

thx Martijn!

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New app update (live: 1.0.14 ):

  • FIX: refresh token when it’s invalid
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New app update (live: 1.0.15 ):

  • FIX: refreshToken on error


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