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[APP][Pro] Surveillance Station 2

You get this screen after you submitted your credentials when the account has 2fa enabled.
Screenshot 2021-08-20_11-22-40-579

Sometime ago you wrote that PTZ was on the roadmap.
Is there some more information about this item. PTZ would be great.
No rush of course

Hi @Bulletcather, the next release will support PTZ camera’s and flow actions to control the camera. It will be a beta/test release and it would be nice if you could help with testing it because I don’t own a PTZ camera myself. In a week or 2 it will be ready.

No problem. I will test it for you and give my results :slight_smile:

Hi there, I have released a test version (4.0.0) that supports PTZ camera’s. I don’t own a PTZ camera myself, so I would appreciate all the help I can get to test this. You can install the test release here and if you have any commnents you can post it here or via a DM. A PTZ camera is a new type of device for this app so if you already added this camera as a ‘normal’ camera please remove it and add it again as a PTZ Camera. For a PTZ camera I have implemented (or tried at least) actions for autofocus, autopan, position, patrol and home.

Screenshot 2021-08-25_08-31-59-413

Also, in this release you can set change the wehbook-url that the synology uses to report motion, lost connections, changes in home mode etc. to the Homey. When you go to the Surveillance Station device in this app you can now choose between the cloud url (default) and local ip (please make sure your homey has a fixes ip).

Please let me know what you think.

I have installed the test version.
I added a ptz camera.

To the home position works great.
But the coordinates won’t work. I get i error when i launch the flow

For me the coordinates are not essential. If you can make work the preset positions, like number 1,2,3 that will be enough for me.

thanks for the feedback! what error do you get when you launch the flow? And I will check if I can add the preset positions.

I tested the patrouille function.
I have made i patrouille on my synolgy Nas called Voordeur.
If i type Voordeur the flow doesn’t find the patroeille.
If i push on the magnifer button it doesn’t find any patrouille.

Thx for all the time you put in this app

4.0.1 is ready for testing. You can now see what capabilities your PTZ camera has. Seems that not all PTZ camera’s are the same.

It looks these info works.
I have tried to turn my camera with coordinates.
No error but the camera does not move.
I don’t see presets to move the camera. Or wasn’t this planned for this release/

Th for all the time you put in this.


@Bulletcather Presets are not the same as patrol (patrouille). I will add the option for presets in the next release. Working on it right now.

Since update to DSM 7 the switch from home to away mode doesn’t work anymore in a flow.
When pressing the home button in de app it does work. Any idea how to solve ?

Not sure this has something to do with DSM 7, but you can go to the surveillance station device on your homey → settings → maintenance → repair actionrules.

I already tried, but no succes …

@Marcel_Harberink the new version 4.0.4 should fix the home mode issue.

I was having the same issue. Just noticed that the app was updated to 4.0.4, did a quick test, seems to work again for me. Thanks!

@bookmarc Works here also like a charme, thanks !