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[APP][Pro] SwitchBot (version 0.3.16 live, 0.3.20 test)

SwitchBot have now published the BLE API for the Contact and Motion sensors so the interface should now be stable.
Luckily I managed to work out the interface correctly so the devices in the Homey app are working. I have also added the entry and exit feature that is now documented in the API so I believe the devices are fully functional.


BlockquoteEdit: I have reported it to my new contact at SwitchBot so we shall see what happens. In theory they now have a Homey so they should be able to test it for themselves.

Still have the same issue with any 3 digit number, 2 digits works 99,9% of the time. Did you ever get a reply from the switchbot team?

This was the reply:

 According to the feedback from R&D, channel ‘0’ is indeed a bug, we will fix it  ASAP.  And regaridng the issue of sending two or three digit number to TV, we will provide an openAPI for it at the end of this month. Thanks for your suggestions!

So I guess I need to chase that up as the API documentation has not been updated yet and I have had no further information.

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Would be very nice! It’s just so strange that 2 digit numbers work 99,9%, but 3 digits never work at all, I would think it’s not something that would be different in the API, but lets wait and see :slight_smile:

Hello Adrian,
Your app work with the curtain of Tuya BLE ? Is the same, only the brand change.

I don’t know. I haven’t tried and I’ve not heard from anyone. I don’t think they are compatible but that is just speculation.

Here is the model

@Adrian_Rockall I love this app as I rely a lot on switchbot in temperature monitoring, aircon control, curtain automation and etc. One missing link is a support for fans. Do you have a plan to add this? I always thank to you for this great app.

Smart Fan and Remote Fan now added (test version available)