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[APP][Pro] SwitchBot (version 0.3.16 live, 0.3.20 test)

SwitchBot have now published the BLE API for the Contact and Motion sensors so the interface should now be stable.
Luckily I managed to work out the interface correctly so the devices in the Homey app are working. I have also added the entry and exit feature that is now documented in the API so I believe the devices are fully functional.


BlockquoteEdit: I have reported it to my new contact at SwitchBot so we shall see what happens. In theory they now have a Homey so they should be able to test it for themselves.

Still have the same issue with any 3 digit number, 2 digits works 99,9% of the time. Did you ever get a reply from the switchbot team?

This was the reply:

 According to the feedback from R&D, channel ‘0’ is indeed a bug, we will fix it  ASAP.  And regaridng the issue of sending two or three digit number to TV, we will provide an openAPI for it at the end of this month. Thanks for your suggestions!

So I guess I need to chase that up as the API documentation has not been updated yet and I have had no further information.

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Would be very nice! It’s just so strange that 2 digit numbers work 99,9%, but 3 digits never work at all, I would think it’s not something that would be different in the API, but lets wait and see :slight_smile:

Hello Adrian,
Your app work with the curtain of Tuya BLE ? Is the same, only the brand change.

I don’t know. I haven’t tried and I’ve not heard from anyone. I don’t think they are compatible but that is just speculation.

Here is the model

@Adrian_Rockall I love this app as I rely a lot on switchbot in temperature monitoring, aircon control, curtain automation and etc. One missing link is a support for fans. Do you have a plan to add this? I always thank to you for this great app.

Smart Fan and Remote Fan now added (test version available)

I have been testing it.It seems that thermosts does not refrsh as often as before.

Is that connected via BLE or the hub?
The updated time will only change if the temperature changes.
The best way to check is by enabling the log in App Configure screen and look for communications.

It is connected by hub. I don’t see updated temperature after the thermometer changed its temperature reading.

I can not confirm this. The thermometer is registered with me via the bridge and via BLE. I just tested that. Both temperatures are updated immediately as soon as the temperature changes.

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The BLE should update approximately every 20 seconds.

The hub is much slower. The old version of the app is set to keep within the old limit of 1000 accesses per day. The new version is faster to keep within the new limit of 10000 accesses per day.

I changed the interval to 9sec. Looks Ok now.

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It seems like there will be two new Switchbot devices coming soon.

I have seen the references to the Colour Bulb in the API but not the light strip. Maybe it uses the same commands / status.

Hello,first,thank you for this great app,works very well with my switchbot products(bot,hub and température sensor)
I’m thinking about buying a contact sensor but i see in your app it connect with BLE and not with the Hub…Does that mean i have install the sensor close of the Homey?It’s for my main door and the homey is about 15 meters of the door.Do you think is good enought?

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15 meters is on the limit so it depends how many and what type of walls are in between.

If you are technically minded I have written an app for an ESP32 module (Arduino) that is available on GitHub. You can then purchase one of the modules from Amazon, etc and install the app on it. The module then connects to the SwitchBot devices via BLE and relays the message to Homey via WiFi. It is extremely efficient and gives you notifications within a second or two (compared to around 20 seconds for Homey’s built in BLE). It also removes the distance limitation as the modules can be place closer to the Switch devices. You can also use more than one module and spread them around the house.

I will be adding the sensors to the hub but at the moment the limited polling rate imposed by SwitchBot means it could take several minutes to respond. I have been asking SwitchBot to implement some sort of callback / webhook to improve the response time but that has not appeared yet and may never be added.

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First of all thanks for a great app… I have been using it on the Homey Pro.
However I’m setting some friends up with the new homey bridge and was wondering if you would make it available in the cloud version of Homey ?

Thank you.