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App request: Bold SmartLock

Hi there,

due to the final release and delivery start of the first really smart lock “Bold” from Netherlands you (or other smart guys) definitely need to provide a app for this to make it even smarter :slight_smile:

Here are the key facts

Communication works via Bluetooth 4.0 or higher and - for heavens sake - the provide an API (HTTP REST API, available on request)

Hopefully someone can build a app for this very smart lock!

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I was also looking for this lock, but I think that homey is to far a way from my door to use bluetooth.

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There is a Homey Community App Requests topic where you can request an app.

Please make sure you make the request with the provided template, to make sure all needed information is provided.

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Thanks @Caseda - I’ll follow your advice and make an official request

The rest API will only work when Bold lock releases it’s hub, so that there will be a link between Bluetooth lock and local network.

I might be playing around with this lock in the near future…